1. A patient presents with palpitations, stabbing or pricking pain in the chest which may radiate to the inneraspect of the left arm or to the shoulder. They have a feeling of oppression or constriction of the chest,shortness of breath, cyanosis of lips and nails, cold hands, painful periods with dark clots. Their tongue ispurple in its entirety or only on the sides in the chest area. Their pulse is string-taut. Which one of thefollowing point prescriptions would be best for this patient?
    P 6, P 4, H 7, Ren 17, B 14, B 17, SP 10, and K 25
  2. A patient presents with a red face. They are very irritable, have severe thirst, aversion to heat, profusesweating and a high fever. Surging, forceful or rolling, rapid pulse. What is the chief herb of the formulathat would best help this patient?
    Shi Gao
  3. A patient presents with a burning in the anus. They have loose stools with an offensive odor, itchyskin,sweating that does not relieve the fever and does not lead to clearing of heat. They have thirst but nodesire to drink. They feel nauseated and have been vomiting some. Their abdominal pain is not relieved bya bowel movement and they have had mucus and blood in their stools. What do you expect their tongueand pulse to look like?
    Red with sticky yellow coating and a Rolling Rapid pulse.
  4. A patient presents with soreness and weakness of the lumbus and knees, head dizziness, ringing in theears, a bright white facial color, physical cold, cold limbs, puffy edema over the entire body, eyelids likesleeping silkworms, distention and fullness of the lower abdomen, swelling of the lower legs thatmaintains fingermarks after pressing, heart palpitations, hasty breathing, possibly cough and panting orgurgling phlegm, scanty urine, a pale and fat tongue with glossy white fur and a deep, thready and slowpulse. What is this patient's diagnosis?
    Kidney Vacuity Water Flood
  5. What are the indications for the point that is the Influential Point of the Tendon?
    Hemiplegia, weakness, numbness and pain of the lower extremities, swelling and pain of the knee,beri beri, hypochondriac pain, bitter taste in the mouth, vomiting, jaundice, and infantileconvulsions.
  6. How long can tuberculosis survive and remain infectious outside of the body?
    6 to 8 months
  7. Miscarriage before three months indicates which one of the following?
    Blood or Essence deficiency and is associated with a Kidney Deficiency
  8. A patient presents with headache, peeling of the skin, hepatosplenomegaly, bone thickening, intracranialhypertension, and papilledema due to vitamin toxicity. What are the signs and symptoms if a person wereto be deficient of this vitamin instead?
    Night blindness, perifolicular hyperkeratosis, increased morbidity and mortaility in young children.
  9. A patient presents with Sciatica. Their tongue is pale with a white coating and their pulse is thready,weak,and slow. Which one of the following point prescriptions would be the best for this patient?
    B 23 (Shenshu), B 30 (Baihuanshu), G 30 (Huantiao), B 50 (Chengfu), B 51 (Yinmen), B54(Weizhong), and G 34 (Yanglingquan)
  10. What kind of diarrhea indicates Heat in the Blood?
    Diarrhea with blood that comes first, but is turbid and the anus feels heavy and painful.
  11. What may a tongue that is very swollen and somewhat flabby indicate?
    Obstruction of the spirit by phlegm
  12. A patient presents with clear and thin diarrhea. They are also experiencing rumbling instestines. Inaddition, they have a cold pain of the umbilicus and abdomen. What do you expect their tongue and pulseto look like?
    White and glossy tongue fur and a moderate pulse.
  13. A patient presents with a fine tremor, facial tic, and dizziness. They also report blurred vision, numbnessor tingling of the limbs, poor memory, insomnia, and they have been having scanty periods. What do youexpect their tongue and pulse to look like?
    Pale and thin tongue with a string-taut and thready pulse.
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