EXP- Chapter 6

  1. means the storage of information in long-term memory when that information is not in use.
  2. the cognitive representation of images is stored as pictures in a visual format.

    (representation is pictoral)
    Analog representation
  3. the cognitive representation of images is stored in an abstract language-like code. 

    (word like, description)
    Propositional representation
  4. first area in the cerebral cortex that receives input from the retina of the eye; located in occipital lobe.
    Primary visual cortex
  5. describes a condition in which patients ignore one half of the visual world.
    Hemingfield neglect
  6. Photographic memory
    eidetic memory
  7. when receiving verbal descriptions helps memory for visual stimuli.
    Verbal Facilitation
  8. when receiving verbal descriptions hurts memory for visual stimuli.
    Verbal overshadowing
  9. person identification paradigms in which the “suspect” or correct target (face) is presented along with a series of distractor people (or faces).
  10. person identification paradigm in which only one
    face or person is presented and the witness must decide if that was the person seen earlier.
  11. T/F
    When European-Americans are asked to study faces of both other European-Americans as well as African-Americans, the European-Americans will perform better on European-American faces.
  12. T/F
    African-Americans perform as well on European-American faces as they do on African-American faces.
  13. acquired deficit in recognizing faces
  14. Mentally associate each of the to-be-learned items with a well-known physical location in a well-known landscape.  When it is time to retrieve, imagine again the physical location and mentally walk through it.  Look for the to-be-learned item in
    each location. 
    The method of loci
  15. Useful for learning new vocabulary either in
    one’s native language or in new language.

    Generate an image that serves as a bridge
    between the known word and the new word.
    Keyword technique  (linkword)
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