Federal Government Midterm

  1. Are the population changes in the U.S. affecting the House of Representatives?
  2. The goods and services affordable to and available to the residents of a nation is a definition for...
    gross domestic product.
  3. Approximately how many illegal immigrants reside in the United States?
  4. Congress passes legislation to ensure that all Americans have access to medical care. Congress's action best illustrates:
    policy adoption
  5. To comply with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a department store remodels its restroom facilities to make them more accessible to people in wheelchairs. This action illustrates:
    policy implementation
  6. The percentage of the nation's children who live in poverty is
  7. Which group of U.S. states receives the largest number of immigrants?
  8. The widely held, deeply rooted political values of a society is a definition for
  9. According to the Census Bureau, what is the population of the U.S.?
  10. What groups in society are expected to expand significantly in the next 30 to 40 years?
  11. The process through which problems become matters of public concern and government action is a definition for
    agenda setting
  12. A group of disabled people picket City Hall, complaining that the city doesn't do enough to provide public services to disabled persons. The group's protest best illustrates:
    agenda setting
  13. On what basis does government set the poverty threshold?
    Persons without sufficient incomes to purchase basic necessities are considered poor by the official definition.
  14. During which period of time was the baby boom generation born?
  15. The president convenes a meeting of economic advisors to develop a plan for spending the federal budget surplus. The president's action best illustrates:
    policy formulation
  16. Federally funded programs that provide healthcare for certain groups in society include:
    Medicare and Medicaid.
  17. The institution with authority to set policy for society is a definition of
  18. Which country has the largest defense budget?
    United States
  19. According to the 2000 census, which of the following statements is true about the population of the U.S.?
    A majority of Americans live in the Sunbelt.
  20. How many Americans are over the age of 65?
  21. Suppose the United States is hit by an outbreak of food poisoning caused by improperly canned tuna. Which of the following policy responses would you expect to be LEAST likely considering the nation's political culture?
    a government takeover of the tuna processing industry
  22. As measured by GDP, which nation has the largest economy in the world?
    United States
  23. Which of the following lists the five stages of the pubic policy process in the correct order?
    Agenda setting, policy formulation, policy adoption, policy legitimation, policy implementation, policy evaluation, and policy change
  24. According to demographers, what percentage of the nation's population is white, non-Hispanic?
    65 percent
  25. Which of the following nations has the largest GDP per capita?
    United States
  26. The power to declare unconstitutional the actions of government is known as which of the following?
  27. Why did the colonists oppose the taxes imposed by the British after 1763?
  28. The Supreme Court first found an act of Congress unconstitutional in which case?
  29. Both the national government and the state governments may levy income taxes. This is an example of
  30. In Country B, the government arrests political opponents and holds them in jail without filing charges and without a trial. What provision of the U.S. Constitution is designed to prevent such actions from occurring in this country except in times of civil war?
  31. In which of the following forms of government do states have the most power?
  32. In America's constitutional system, ultimate authority to interpret the Constitution is vested in which of the following?
  33. Congress' power to regulate interstate commerce has, over the years, served to
  34. The authority to collect taxes, borrow money, regulate commerce, coin money, and declare war are all examples of
  35. The reserved (or residual) powers are the powers exercised by
  36. Did the framers of the Constitution believe that all policy decisions should be made by majority vote of the people?
  37. The Americans who wrote the Constitution generally believed which of the following?
  38. Which of the following was NOT a major criticism of the government created by the Articles of Confederation?
  39. Which of the following political philosophers had the greatest intellectual influence on the author of the Declaration of Independence
  40. The belief that individual rights transcend the power of government is known as:
  41. Why were the Federalist Papers written?
  42. Which of the following statements most closely reflects the views of an advocate of states' rights?
  43. Suppose a state legislature passes a law making it a crime for anyone to have possessed an assault weapon at any time during the five years prior to the law's passage. Would this law be constitutional?
  44. The authors of the American Constitution anticipated that which branch of national government would be the strongest?
  45. The Full Faith and Credit Clause in Article IV of the Constitution requires that states
  46. A political system that divides power between a central government and state governments is the definition for
  47. Why did the British reorganize their colonial system after 1763?
  48. Representative democracy is a system that
  49. A legal requirement placed on a state or local government by the national government requiring certain policy actions is a definition for
  50. Which of the following is the constitutional basis for the reserved powers?
  51. The cases of Everson v. Board of Ewing Township and Engel v. Vitale dealt with which of the following issues?
  52. The Supreme Court has ruled that freedom of expression is a fundamental right. May the government restrict freedom of expression?
  53. The Interstate Commerce Clause
  54. "No State shall...deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." This phrase is found in which of the following sections of the U.S. Constitution?
  55. In which of the following cases did the Supreme Court rule that states must provide attorneys for indigent defendants charged with serious crimes?
  56. The constitutional provision holding that government must follow certain legal procedures before depriving someone of life, liberty, or property is known as
  57. The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects against which of the following?
  58. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits
  59. Which of the following is the best explanation for continued racial separation in the nation's pubic schools today?
    residential segregation
  60. Which of the following statements is NOT true about the case of Brown v. Board of Education?
  61. According to the Supreme Court, which of the following forms of expression is protected by the Constitution?
  62. The legal requirement that companies and other organizations take positive steps to remedy the effects of past discrimination is known as
    affirmative action.
  63. A minority business set-aside is
    a requirement that firms receiving government contracts allocate a certain percentage of their purchases to minority-owned businesses.
  64. Which of the following cases established the policy known as separate-but-equal?
  65. Which of the following constitutional provisions was written in order to protect the voting rights of former slaves?
  66. Which of the following defines a type of law that is written by a legislative body?
    Statutory law
  67. The case of University of California v. Bakke dealt with what issue?
  68. Which of the following statements is true regarding the "suspect classification" doctrine?
  69. The Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment
  70. The case of Gregg v. Georgia dealt with which of the following issues?
  71. The Supreme Court has held that which of the following is entitled to First Amendment protection as freedom of expression?
  72. Roe v. Wade dealt with which of the following issues?
  73. In light of Supreme Court decisions concerning free expression and national security, which of the following forms of expression could be prohibited by the government?
  74. After stopping someone for a routine traffic violation, police officers search the trunk of the car and discover illegal drugs. The defendant's lawyer claims that the police search was illegal and the evidence cannot be used based on
  75. Which of the following statements is true about white primaries?
    The white primary system in the South was promoted by the Democratic Party.
  76. A national newsmagazine publishes an article on efforts to restrict smoking in public places. Subsequently, the magazine receives 1,500 letters commenting on the article, with nearly two-thirds of the letters favoring tougher restrictions on smoking in public. Would this be an accurate reflection of public opinion on this issue?
  77. Voting in America is a two-step process. Before being able to vote, Americans must:
  78. Which of the following groups is more likely to lose its right to vote due to felony convictions?
    African American males
  79. Political efficacy refers to which of the following?
    the extent to which people believe they can influence the policymaking process
  80. The average age of the U.S. population is increasing. What impact would you expect this development to have on voter participation rates?
    Voter participation rates will increase because older adults are generally more likely to participate than younger adults.
  81. The U.S. lags behind most other nations in electoral participation and has:
  82. In which of the following elections would you anticipate having the highest participation rate of eligible voters?
    an election for president
  83. Which of the following groups is disproportionately represented among nonvoters?
    younger voters
  84. On which of the following issues has public opinion grown more conservative in recent years?
    law and order issues
  85. The process whereby individuals acquire political knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs is known as which of the following?
    political socialization
  86. Which of the following is the most common act of political participation in the U.S.?
  87. How would increased voter turnout most likely influence election results?
    It would favor Democrats because low-income people and minorities have lower rates of voter turnout and both of these groups traditionally favor the Democrat Party.
  88. After a debate between presidential candidates, a television network invites viewers to phone in to indicate which candidate they think won the debate. What is the best evaluation of the likely accuracy of this survey?
    The survey would likely be inaccurate because the people who called in would not necessarily be representative of the universe of American voters.
  89. On September 1, a national survey found that 61 percent of Americans favored handgun control. Two months later, a survey showed that 58 percent of Americans favored handgun control. The margin of error for both surveys was plus or minus four percentage points. Which of the following statements is the most accurate evaluation of the two polls?
    There is no statistical difference between the two surveys because of margin of error.
  90. Battleground states are states:
    where the relative strength of the two major parties is about the same.
  91. On which of the following issues would you expect an individual, acting alone, to have the most influence on policy?
    a decision by local officials to install a traffic light at a busy intersection
  92. Political scientists believe that college attendance has which of the following socializing effects on young people?
    College attendance makes people less likely to share their family's political views.
  93. Which of the following is associated with increased levels of political participation?
    newspaper readership
  94. Which of the following is the best description of the relationship between the media and the policy agenda?
    The media set the policy agenda because news stories influence Americans' priorities.
  95. In general, studies have found that people from which two areas of the country tend to express more liberal views than people from other areas?
    the East and West Coasts
  96. The phrase gender gap refers to:
    the differences in party identification and politcial attitudes of men and women.
  97. The Literary Digest poll of 1936 failed because of which of the following problems?
    The sample was unrepresentative.
  98. On which of the following issues would you expect lower-income people to express more liberal views than middle-income people?
  99. When does the process of political socialization end for most people?
    It is a lifelong process.
  100. Which of the following groups of Americans is most likely to support government action for social welfare policies?
    lower-income adults
  101. Business and trade groups are influential because of which of the following reasons?
    They are well-financed and join together to promote pro-business public policies. 
  102. The top spending group in 2008 on lobbying activities was
    U.S. Chamber of Commerce 
  103. A group that can advocate a cause without being subject to federal campaign laws is
    a 527 
  104. It is said that the media may not tell people what to think, but they do tell people what to think about. This refers to the media's:
    signaling role 
  105. A ________ is a short phrase taken from a candidate's speech by the news media for use on newscasts.
    sound bite 
  106. Which of the following interest group strategies depends on credibility and information?
  107. Which of the following categories of interest groups is stronger in the industrial states of the Northeast and upper Midwest than in other parts of the country?
    labor unions 
  108. Media consolidation means:
    there is chain ownership of many organizations with one parent corporation owning many media outlets of various types 
  109. When journalists take an adversarial attitude toward candidates and elected officials, it is sometimes referred to as:
    attack journalism
  110. Which of the following groups would be more likely aligned with the Republican Party?
  111. Which of the following groups would be most likely to lobby Congress on behalf of African American interests?
  112. Republicans prefer to get their news from which of the following media sources?
  113. Which of the following is NOT an example of an interest group?
    Republican Party 
  114. Which of the following is a women's group?
  115. Since 1960, coverage by the news media has become:
    increasingly negative
  116. In which part of the United States does organized labor enjoy the LEAST political influence?
    the Sunbelt 
  117. Journalism that presents all sides of an issue and focuses on facts rather than opinion is called:
    objective journalism
  118. Which of the following groups is organized primarily to support the interests of Latino civil rights?
  119. Cuban residents who write articles critical of the Cuban government for foreign websites:
    are subject to 20-year prison terms. 
  120. Political scientists believe that groups give campaign contributions to candidates seeking office in hopes of gaining access. Which of the following statements best describes the meaning of access?
    It is an open door through which a group's lobbyists can influence the details of legislation. 
  121. In general, who among the following receive the most PAC contributions?
    incumbent members of Congress 
  122. Which of the following groups calls itself the citizen lobby, working for campaign finance reform and tighter rules on interest group lobbying?
    Common Cause
  123. In the United States, direct government ownership of media outlets:
    is relatively limited. 
  124. The Public Broadcasting Servcie (PBS) and National Public Radio (NPR):
    are nonprofit media services with public and private financial support
  125. Political action committees are organized to do which of the following?
    raise and distribute money in election campaigns 
  126. Which of the following elections always takes place in November of even-numbered years?
    general elections 
  127. Which of the following groups is the most supportive of the Democrat party?
    East and west coast urban voters 
  128. Conservatism is a political ideology that favors
    less government involvement in the economy
  129. Which of the following is the strongest contemporary argument in favor of preserving the Electoral College?
    The Electoral College protects the interests of small states
  130. Which national party favored partial privatization of Social Security in its 2008 platform?
    the Republican Party 
  131. Organization A takes positions on political issues, raises and spends money in election campaigns, and nominates some of its members as candidates for public office. Organization A is which of the following?
    political party 
  132. The cases of Baker v. Carr (1962) AND Wesberry v. Sanders (1964) dealt with which of the following issues?
    legislative reapportionment 
  133. A party platform is
    a statement of a political party's principles and issues. 
  134. The federal government provides campaign money for qualified candidates running for which of the following offices?
  135. Which of the following parties proclaims that border security is essential for national security?
  136. Which of the following regions has elected the largest proportion of conservative Democrats to Congress?
  137. The governor of a large state is running for reelection. Which of the following items would you expect to be the largest expenditure category in the governor's campaign budget?
    television advertising 
  138. On Election Day, a voter who votes for the Republican candidate for president but casts a ballot for the Democrat candidate for Congress is engaging in
    split ticket voting. 
  139. How often must legislative district lines be redrawn?
    every 10 years
  140. If a state legislature draws an awkwardly shaped district in order to help a particular candidate win election, the legislature could be accused of which of the following?
  141. The gender gap is defined as
    the differences in party identification and political attitudes between men and women. 
  142. Which of the following is an example of the coattail effect?
    In a presidential election, the voter votes for the full Democrat ticket because he likes Barack Obama.
  143. Which of the following parties wants an energy policy that includes more domestic oil drilling?
  144. Which of the following parties supports gun control?
  145. Liberalism is a political ideology that favors
    the use of government to promote the welfare of society
  146. In the 2008 presidential election, younger people were most likely to support which candidate?
  147. A voter who decided to cast his ballot for all of the Democrats in the 2008 general election is an example of
    straight ticket voting. 
  148. Why have the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary played such an important role in the presidential nomination process?
    They receive a great deal of media attention because they are the first major events of the presidential nomination. 
  149. In which of the following elections do candidates from the same political party compete against one another instead of against candidates from other parties?
    primary elections 
  150. Which statement best explains the meaning of the term divided government?
    Most of the years since 1969 have been marked by one party controlling the White House and the other party controlling at least one chamber of the Congress. 
  151. In the U.S. Senate, how many senators must agree to end a filibuster?
    60 (three-fifths of the membership) 
  152. Which of the following actions could the Senate take alone without participation by the House of Representatives?
    confirming the president's choice of secrtary of state 
  153. Which of the following events was not part of the Watergate scandal?
    President Nixon resigned after he was impeached by the House of Representatives but before the Senate could conduct a trial. 
  154. How is the Senate Majority Leader chosen?
    elected by majority party members in the Senate 
  155. According to the Constitution, who is the presiding officer in the U.S. Senate?
    Vice President of the U.S. 
  156. A recess appointment allows the president to:
    fill a vacancy with a temporary appointment while the Senate is not in session. 
  157. Which of the following statements is true about membership turnover in the U.S. Congress?
    Because most incumbents seeking reelection are returned to office, the membership of Congress changes little from one session to the next. 
  158. Which of the following statements correctly describes the size of the two houses of Congress?
    The House has 435 members, the Senate 100. 
  159. Who of the following presidents was impeached?
    Bill Clinton 
  160. Should the president die or resign and the vice president become president, what then happens to the vacant office of the vice president?
    The president appoints a new vice president subject to congressional confirmation. 
  161. Which of the following statements is NOT true about the U.S. Congress?
    Members of the House must stand for reelection every four years. 
  162. Assume that the party balance in the U.S. Senate is 55 Republicans and 45 Democrats. Which of the following individuals would be a Democrat?
    Senate Minority Leader 
  163. Which of the following actions requires the participation of BOTH the House and Senate?
    proposing a constitutional amendment to ban flag burning
  164. Should the president die or resign, which of the following is the correct order of succession?
    Vice president, Speaker of the House, president pro tempore of the Senate 
  165. Which of the following descriptions more accurately describes the Senate as opposed to the House?
    It is a great debating sociey. 
  166. Assuming that the Republican Party holds a majority of seats in the U.S. Senate, what title does the Republican leader in the Senate hold?
    Majority Leader 
  167. Which of the following statements more accurately describes the House than the Senate?
    It is dependent on formal rules of debate. 
  168. The U.S. House passes a bill dealing with healthcare reform. The Senate passes a bill that is similar but not identical to the House bill. What becomes of the legislation?
    A conference committee would likely be formed to attempt to reach a compromise between the two bills. 
  169. Members of the White House staff
    are hired and fired by the president only 
  170. Which of the following individuals would be most likely to hold the position of Senate president pro tempore?
    the most senior member of the majority party. 
  171. Assume that the Republican Party holds a majority of seats in the U.S. House. What position in the chamber would you expect the Republican Party leader to hold?
    Speaker of the House 
  172. When can the vice president cast a vote in the Senate?
    He can only vote to break a tie in a vote on the floor. 
  173. Which of the following presidential actions does not require Senate ratification or confirmation?
    The president negotiates an executive agreement with Japan to increase agricultural imports to that country. 
  174. Which of the following most accurately describes the process of impeachment and removal?
    The House votes to impeach by majority vote, while the Senate votes to remove by a two-thirds vote. 
  175. Which of the following individuals is constitutionally qualified to serve as president?
    a 40-year-old school teacher born in Ft. Worth, Texas 
  176. Which of the following presidents presided over one of the largest expansions of the federal bureaucracy?
    Lyndon Johnson 
  177. Critics of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sometimes argue that the agency acts in the interest of the pharmaceutical industry that it should be regulating rather than in the interest of the public. These critics believe that the FDA is
    a captured agency.
  178. The Supreme Court's power of judicial review:
    allows the Court to review legislation to determine if it is constitutional. 
  179. In general, presidents usually rely most closely on which of the following cabinet secretaries for policy advice?
    Secretaries of State and Defense 
  180. Someone who believes that judges should stick close to the literal meaning of the words in the Constitution is an advocate of which of the following?
    strict construction of the Constitution 
  181. The Supreme Court votes six to three to decide a case. Justice A is a member of the majority but disagrees with the reasoning presented in the majority opinion. What action might Justice A take?
    Justice A might write a concurring opinion. 
  182. The Hatch Act deals with which of the following?
    the active participation of federal employees in political activities 
  183. Senatorial courtesy refers to which of the following?
    the custom that senators from the president's party have a veto on district court appointments from their states 
  184. Which of the following is not part of the inner cabinet?
    Secretary of Health and Human Services 
  185. The Department of Homeland Security:
    combined many existing agencies under one major department. 
  186. Which agency regulates business competition?
  187. Which of the following forms of law does a legislative body, such as Congress, write?
    Statutory law 
  188. Which of the following legal disputes would most likely be tried in a federal court?
    A person is charged with using the U.S. mail to commit fraud. 
  189. A lawsuit initiated to assess the constitutionality of a legislative or executive act is known as which of the following?
    test case 
  190. Which of the following is an example of a criminal case?
    A man is the defendant in a trial in which the state claims he fatally injured a woman in an automobile collision due to his reckless driving while under the influence of alcohol. 
  191. Which of the following is an example of a cabinet-level executive department?
    Department of Justice 
  192. If the Supreme Court grants certiorari, what has the Court done?
    agreed to hear arguments and rule on a case appealed to the Court 
  193. Which of the following would you expect to be the main difference between federal judges appointed by President Bush and judges appointed by President Obama?
    The Bush appointees would be Republicans, while Obama would appoint Democrats. 
  194. Agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, and the Environmental Protection Agency are part of which branch of government?
    They are part of the executive branch. 
  195. The U.S. Supreme Court rules that an act of Congress is uconstitutional. How might that decision be overturned?
    Congress and the states could amend the Constitution. 
  196. The three levels of federal courts are:
    District Courts, Circuit Courts of Appeal, Supreme Court. 
  197. Which of the following is an example of a civil case?
  198. Allegations of improper trading by Wall Street brokers would be investigated by which of the following agencies?
  199. The Postal Service and AMTRAK are examples of which of the following?
    government corporations
  200. Which of the following is part of an iron triangle?
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