Academic Writing Podcast Vocabulary 2 Test.txt

  1. to be based on
    His hypothesis _______ the assumption that tax cuts would stimulate the economy.
  2. to be applied to
    This finding can be _______ both in business and theoretical psychology.
  3. to be associated with
    The hypothesis is not _______ with Freud's approach.
  4. to account for
    The oil crisis _______ for low business activity.
  5. to involve
    The five researchers _______ in the study hold PhD degrees in medicine.
  6. to be required for
    Carbon and oxygen are two elements that are _______ all living organisms.
  7. to be included in
    The results came in too late to be _______ our study.
  8. to occur in
    Sugar _______ naturally in fruit.
  9. to consist of
    The gross domestic product _______ consumption, investment, government spending, and net exports.
  10. in the early stages of
    In _______ of Alzheimer's disease, minor forgetfulness and disorientation are common.
  11. from somebody's perspective
    It is difficult to analyze the financial crisis from a _______.
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Academic Writing Podcast Vocabulary 2 Test.txt
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