vocab 3

  1. arbitrary
    determined by personal judgment, not rule or reason; based on impulse
  2. mercenary 
    motivated only by financial gain; greedy
  3. allusion
    an indirect reference
  4. syndrome
    a group of symptoms typical of a particular disease or condition
  5. euphemism
    a mild or vague term used as a substitute for one condiered offensive or unpleasant
  6. appease
    to calm, especially by giving in to the demands of
  7. banal
    lacking originality; overused; commonplace
  8. taint
    to stain the honor of someone or something
  9. assail
    to attack physically or verbally
  10. altruistic
    unselfishly conerned for the welfare of other; unselfish
  11. juxtapose
    to place close together, especially in oder to compare or contrast
  12. lethargy
    a great lack of energy; inactivity due to laziness
  13. ambiguous
    able to be interpreted in more thatn one way; not clear
  14. inane
    without sense or meaning; foolish
  15. dissident
    a person opposed to established ideas or beliefs, especially in politics or religion
  16. embellish 
    to decorate; beautify by adding details
  17. subsidize
    to support financially; provide a grant or contribution
  18. fritter
    to spend or waste a little at a time
  19. inadvvertent
    unintentional; accidental
  20. sporadic
    happening now and then; occasional
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