Chapter 1- Ab Regions

  1. Right hypochondriac
    right side of the epigastric region- right lobe of the liver and the gallbladder are visible.
  2. Left hypochondriac
    left side of the epigrastic region-small portion of the stomach and large intestine
  3. Epigrastric
    upper middle portion of the abdomen-parts of the right and left lobes of the liver and a larger portion of the stomach
  4. Umbilical
    navel- includes portions of the transverse colon and loops of the small intestine.
  5. Hypograstic
    lower middle region of abdomen
  6. Right inguinal/iliac
    the right side of depressed area of the abdominal wall near the thigh (groin)- cecum and parts of the small intestine.
  7. Left inguinal/ iliac
    the left side of the depressed area of the abdominal wall near the thigh (groin)- colon and small intestine
  8. Right lumbar
    right side of umbilical- parts of large and small intestines
  9. Left lumbar
    left side of umbellical- parts of small and large intestines
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Chapter 1- Ab Regions
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