Chapter 1

  1. Anatomical position
    standing erect, face forward, upper limbs at sides, palms forward.
  2. Ipsilateral
    On the same side of (of the body) as
  3. Contralateral
    On the opposite side of the body
  4. Axial
    pertaining to or situated on the axis of a body structure or part
  5. Appendicular
    pertaining to the limbs
  6. Superior
    Towards the top of the body
  7. Inferior
    Towards the bottom of the body
  8. Anterior
    towards the front of the body
  9. Posterior
    Towards the back (rear)
  10. Ventral
    Along (or towards) the belly surface of the body
  11. Dorsal
    Along (or towards) the vertebral surface of the body
  12. Medial
    Towards the mid-sagittal plane, away from the sides
  13. Lateral
    Towards the sure, away from the mid-sagittal plane
  14. Proximal
    Closer to trunk
  15. Distal
    Farther from trunk, or point of attachment
  16. Superficial
  17. Deep
    internal, beneath the surface
  18. Caudal
    toward the distal end of the body or an inferior position, away from head closer to tail
  19. Rostral
    situated toward a rostrum or toward the beak, i.e. toward the front of the head
  20. Luminal
    The inner open space or cavity of a tubular organ, as of a blood vessel or an intestine.
  21. Central
  22. Peripheral
    Relating to or being the surface or outer part of a body or organ
  23. Mediullary
    refers to the inner region, or medulla
  24. Cortical
    refer to an outer region of the cortex
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