Hellenic Influences

  1. Literature in Hellenistic Society
    Literary talent highly regarded

    Libraries built to attract scholars and authors

    Ocritus (little poems)

    Historical and biographical literature

    • Polybius (chief
    • historian; Roman expansion)
  2. Literature in Roman Civilization
    Greco-Roman culture

    • Catallus: refined Greek forms of poetry to express
    • emotions

    • Lucretius expounded
    • philosophy in the form of poetry (Epicureanism)
  3. Drama in Hellenistic Society
    • New form of comedy focused on amusement and
    • entertainment:

    • -         
    • Menander of Athens used simple plots
  4. Drama in Roman Civilization
    Greek New Comedy

    • -         
    • Plautus: same stock characters, Greek
    • costumes and masks; infused Latin qualities

    • Terence wrote for the
    • aristocracy (language and character)
  5. Art in HS
    • Temples, theatres, gymnasia resembled that of the
    • Greek homeland (Corinthian Order)

    Sculptors highly regarded

    • Classical Period of balance and harmonyà
    • realistic art and female nude

    • Indians impacted as
    • well, through Buddha
  6. Art in Roman Civ
    Adopted many features of Hellenistic art

    • Greek statues placed
    • in homes and sold when original art was unavailable
  7. Science in HS
    Finally separated from philosophy


    • -         
    • Aristarchus

    • -         
    • Eratosthenes
    • Hippocrates

    • -         
    • Stressed natural explanations and cures
    • for disease


  8. Math in HS
    • Euclid
    • Archimedes
  9. Philosophy in HS
    • Epicureanism
    • Stoicism
  10. Philosophy in RC
    Stoicism dominating belief

    (influenced Roman Law, leading to develop of ius naturale)

    • Rhetoric was
    • important due to prep for political field 
  11. Religion in HS
    mystery religions
  12. Religion in RC
    pantheon of Roman Gods
  13. Society of RC
    • Romans believed Greeks were reason for decline of
    • republic:

    Conservativeà affluence, luxury, homosexuality, wealth

    • Dominating Greek life, although they many disliked
    • their ways “Greeklings”

    Greek became language of entire Hellenistic world
  14. Education in HS
    Greek gymnasium--> school
  15. Education in RC
    Greek teachers in high demand

    Greek tutors

    • Greek slaves= doctors, musicians, artists, tutors,
    • etc.

    Children sent to Athens to study

    • Grammaticus was
    • formed with Greek literature at the core of the curriculum
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