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  1. Signs and symptoms of water intoxication
    • N&V
    • tachycardia
    • hypotension
    • cardic arrythmias
  2. Fetal side effects of pitocin
    • intercranial hemorrhage
    • asphyxia
    • hypoxia
    • hyperbilirubianeima
  3. side effects of pitocin
    • coma
    • seizures
    • hypotension
    • hypochloremia
    • hyponatremia
    • water intoxication
    • increased uterine motility
    • painful contractions
    • abruptio placentae
    • decrease in uterine blood flow
    • hypersensitivity
  4. If contrations occur less than _ min apart and are greater than __-___ mmgh, and last __-___sec or longer, stop infusion of pitocin
    • <2
    • >50-65
    • >60-90
  5. induction of labor pitocin administration rates
    begin infusion at .5-1milliunits/min, increase in increments of 1-2 milliunits at 40-60 min intervals
  6. hep B vaccine for neonate
    • 0.5mL IM
    • birth, 2 months, 6-18 months
  7. If mother was hep B positive, what should you expect to give baby?
    • 0..5ml of hepatitisi b immune globulin IM and 1st dose of 0.5 hep b vaccin
    • before 12hours old, 1 month after 1st, at least 3months after second
  8. contradictions of hep b for neonate
    hypersensitivity to yeast
  9. Prepidil (dinoprostone)
    cervical ripening agent
  10. How long do you wait to start pitocin after prepidil
    30 min
  11. contradictions of prepidil
    • patient will have to have a c-section
    • know sensitivity to prostoglandins
    • prsensce of non reassuring fetal status
    • unexplained bleeding during pregnancy
    • strong suspension of cephalopelvic disproportion
    • clients already recieving pitocin
  12. Sideeffects of prepidil
    • hyper stimulation with or without non reassuring fetal status
    • gi disturbances
    • nonreassuring fetal heart rate patterns
  13. Important assessments in prepidil
    • assess for presence of contradications
    • vs, cervical dialation, effacement carefully
    • FHR status
    • Prepare to administer terbutaline if utering hyperstimulation, sustained uterine contractions, nonreassuring fetal status, or any other adverse reactions occure]
  14. Stadol needs to be protected from
  15. typical dosage of fentanyl
    50-100mcg q2 hours
  16. what should you have available when giving hep b shot?
  17. what can cause water intoxication with oxytocin
    if given in elerolyte free solution or at a rate that exceeding 20mlu/min
  18. Cytotec risk factors for uterine rupture
    • Previous c-section
    • scar on her uterus
    • high dose regimen (100mcg or higher)
    • advanced age
    • 5 or more pregnancies
  19. Side effects of cytotec
    • fetal tachycardia
    • nonreassuring fetal status and meconium passage
  20. Absolute contradictions for the use of cytotec
    • presence of uterin contraction 3 times in 10 minutes
    • significant maternal asthma
    • Histor of c/s or uterine scar
    • bleeding during the pregnacy
    • presence of placenta preivia
    • nonreassuring fetal heart rate tracking
  21. how often is cytotec given
    q3-6hours until adequate cervical changes
  22. how often can prepidil be administered
    every 6 hours
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