AP World Chapter 17 Vocab Part 2

  1. German monk; initiated the Protestant reformation in 1517 by nailing the 95 Theses to the door of Wittenburg church; emphasized primacy of faith over works stressed in Catholic Church; accepted state control over church.
    Martin Luther
  2. Wave of  religious reform and uprisings against the Catholic Church, initiated by Martin Luther. Included varieties of religious beliefs. 1517
    Protestant Reformation
  3. Wrong thinker
  4. French Protestant who stressed doctfine of predestination; established center of his group at Swiss canton of Geneva; encouraged ideas of wider access to government, wider public education; Calvinism spread from Switzerland to Northern Europe and North America.
    John Calvin
  5. Restatement of traditional Catholic beliefs in response to Protestant Reformation. Established councils that revived Catholic doctrine and refuted Protestant Beliefs.
    Catholic Reformation
  6. Grant of tolerance to Protestants in France in 1598; granted only after lengthy civil war between Catholic and Protestant Factions.
    Edict of Nantes
  7. Introduced moveable type to Western Europe in 15th century; credited with greatly expanded availability of printed books and pamphlets
    Johannes Gutenburg
  8. General wave of religious dissent against the Catholic Church; associated held to have begun with Martin Luthers attack on Catholic beliefs in 1517; included many varieties of religious belief.
  9. Form of Protestantism set up in England after 1534; established by Henry VIII with himself as head, at least in part to obtain a divorce from his first wife; became increasingly Protestant following Henry's death.
    Anglican Church
  10. Sold to people In order for the church to gain money. A corrupt thing. Told people thy would automatically be sent to heaven and all of their sins were forgotten.
  11. Luther's writing on the churches corrupt ness and posted on the door of the church in order for people to see and read what he understand and had to say.
    95 Theses
  12. The act of paying for a holy position and power in the church.
  13. Holy Roman Emperor who was also the king of Spain. Had a lot of power and was in power during the Protestant Reformation.
    Charles V
  14. The action of God predetermining your eternity and what is to come.
  15. Denied the ability of infant baptism because child is forced into the religion. Must be baptized as an adult because it has more value
  16. Swiss Protestant reformer
    Ulrich Zwingli
  17. The defender of faith who ruled England from 1509-1547
    Henry VIII
  18. Gave the king of England power of the country and the Catholic Church of the country
    Act of Supremacy
  19. Leader of the Reformation in Scottland.
    John Knox
  20. Queen of England who was married to Phillip II of Spain.
    Mary I
  21. Successor to Mary I, her sister and was a part of the Tudor dynasty
    Elizabeth I
  22. Met to define church doctrine and condemned the reformation.
    Council of Trent
  23. Founder of the society of Jesus. A Spanish soldier
    Ignatius of Loyala
  24. A believer of Calvinism. A French Protestant.
  25. First of the French bourbon kings.
    Henry of Navarre
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