History Chapter 5-10

  1. Which states were factory states?
    The North
  2. What was John Wilkes Booth's occupation?
    He was an actor
  3. Where did John Wilkes Booth get caught?
    a barn in Virginia
  4. What was another name for the Southern states?
    The Confederates
  5. Who was the general of the South's army?
    Robert E. Lee
  6. What did the Emancipation Proclamation say?
    The slaves in the South were free
  7. What happened in Abe Lincoln's dream?
    He was in a coffin in the White House and people were crying at his casket
  8. Where di dthe U.S. Civil War start?
    Fort Sumtner
  9. Which states left the union to form the Confederate?
    • Texas
    • Louisiana
    • Georgia
    • Alabam
    • Florida
    • Mississippi
    • South Carolina
    • Virginia
    • Arkansas
    • Tennessee
    • North Carolina
  10. Who wanted to keep slavery?
    The Northern states
  11. What was the time period after the US Civil War called?
    The Reconstruction Period
  12. What color were the South's uniforms?
  13. What happened to slavery after the civil war in the U.S. ended?
    There was no more slavery in the U.S.
  14. Who was the general of the North's army?
    Ulysses S. Grant
  15. Where was Abraham Lincoln when he was killed?
    He was at a play
  16. Which states were farming states?
    The South
  17. Why did John Wilkes Booth kill Lincoln?
    He liked the South
  18. What states did not leave the Union but would not agree to fight with the Union army against the South?
    • Kentucky
    • Missouri
    • West Virginia
    • Maryland
    • Deleware
  19. Who was the president of the Confederate states?
    Jefferson Davis
  20. Why did the confederate army surrender?
    They were out of food and too weak to fight
  21. What is another name for the North?
    The Union
  22. How did Abraham Lincoln die?
    He was assassinated.  He was shot.
  23. Who killed Abraham Lincoln?
    John Wilkes Booth
  24. Why was the North called the Union?
    Because they wanted to unify the states
  25. Who was the president of the United States during the civil war?
    Abraham Lincoln
  26. What color were the North's uniforms?
  27. What were the norhtern and southern states fighting over during the US Civil War?
    Slavery and states rights
  28. What is the thirteenth ammendment to the constitution?
    It made slavery illegal
  29. Who won the Civil War in the United States?
    The North
  30. Who did Lincoln originally want to be the general of the North's army?
    Garibaldi from Italy
  31. What kind of farms or plantations needed the slave labor?
    • Tobacco
    • Cotton
  32. Who was the ruler of Paraguay that was at war against the Triple Alliance?
    Fransisco Solano Lopez
  33. Who was the Triple Alliance?
    • Argentina
    • Uraguay
    • Brazil
  34. Why did Fransisco Solano Lopez want to go to war against Brazil?
    Brazil helped General Flores win the election in Paraguay and He did not like the big countries like Brazil deciding what all of the smaller countries in South America should do.
  35. What country did Fransisco Lopez ask to help him fight against Brazil? Did that country help him?
    He asked Argentina to help him.  No they wouldn't help him.
  36. Who were the three different groups that populated Paraguay and much of South America?
    • Descendents of Slaves
    • Native South American Indians
    • Creoles
  37. Who were the creoles?
    They were Spanish colonists who had been born in South America instead of Spain.
  38. Who were often the group of people that were in charge in South America?
    The Creoles
  39. What two coutries were sandwiched inbetween Brazil and Argentina?
    • Uraguay
    • Paraguay
  40. What did Fransisco Lopez decide to do to Argentina
    He marched his army down the Paraguay River into Argentina and decided to attack their naval ships in the river.
  41. What countries teamed up together against Paraguay?
    • Argentina
    • Brazil
    • Uruguay
  42. What was the war known as between Paraguay, Uruaguay, Brazil and Argentina?
    War of the Triple Alliance
  43. Why did Lopez think that he could beat the bigger Brazil Navy ships?
    They could not move around and maneuver as well in the little river as Lopez's small ships and boats
  44. Did Lopez's plan to attack the port from the river work?
    No. He lost the battle in four hours
  45. What did the Brazilian navy do to Lopez's army and navy?
    They blocked the river and they were landlocked.  They couldn't get the food and supplies they needed.
  46. What kind of rifle did the Triple Alliance use?
    the enfield rifle
  47. What kind of guns did Paraguay have?
  48. Why did many people in his own country think that Fransisco Lopez had gone crazy?
    He thought that even his own people were against him.  He ordered thousands of his own people to be arrested and put to death, even his sisters' husbands.
  49. Who won the War of the Triple Alliance?
    The Triple Alliance
  50. What happened to the country of Paraguay after the War of the Triple Alliance?
    Brazil and Argentina each took a piece of Paraguay's land and Brazilian soldiers occupied the rest of Paraguay.
  51. What happened to Fransisco Lopez?
    He was killed in battle
  52. Which two countries had settlements in Canada?
    • France
    • Britain
  53. Who ruled the colonies in Canada?
    The British
  54. Who lived in Lower Canada?
    The French speaking colonists
  55. Who lived in Upper Canada?
    The British colonists
  56. What do we call the Lower part of Canada today?
  57. What is the Upper part of Canada known as today?
  58. What did the people in Canada not like?
    They did not like being ruled by Britain and not being able to govern themselves. They British governors were not listening to the Assemblies or what the people wanted
  59. Who was the man in Lower Canada that went around the country making speaches and got the people to start protesting their government?
    Louis Joseph Papineau
  60. What was the name of the rebel group in Lower Canada that fought against the British government?
    The Patriotes
  61. Who was the leader in Upper Canada that led the rebels against the British government?
    Willian Lyon Mackenzie
  62. Why did Mackenzie think it was a good time to start fighting against the British Government?
    All of the British soldiers were in Lower Canada fighting against the Patriotes
  63. Did William Lyon Mackenzie win his battle against the British?
    No, his army fell apart immediately and he ran away disguised as a woman across the border to the United States.
  64. Did Britain keep control over the Canadian colonies after the rebellions?
  65. What did Britain do to keep the colonies in Canada happy and keep them from rebelling?
    They made them one colony with one British Governor. They had their own lieutenant-governors in each province and their own Assembly with elected representatives.
  66. What did the Canadians still want after the British changed their government?
    They wanted a federation
  67. Why did the Canadians want a federation?
    because they were afraid the United States might want to annex them and they didnt want to be part of the U.S.
  68. What was the new country in Canada called?
    The Dominion of Canada
  69. Who were the first provinces to be part of the Dominion of Canada?
    • Quebec
    • Ontario
    • Nova Scotia
    • New Brunswick
  70. Three more provinces decided to join the Dominion of Canada later. Who were they?
    • Manitoba
    • British Columbia
    • Prince Edward Island
  71. What was the British North American Act?
    It was the act that formed the new country called the Dominion of Canada
  72. Was Canada free from Great Britain after the British North Amercan Act?
    No, but they were independent and governed by their own assembly
  73. What were the three things that made the United States modern?
    • Rails
    • Zones
    • Light Bulbs
  74. What was the name of the two engines that were facing each other to put the final piece of track in?
    • Jupiter
    • Engine 119
  75. Where was the final piece of track placed?
    Promontory Summit, Utah
  76. What was the final piece of track made out of that they put in just for the celebration and then took out and put in the museum?
    It was made of laurelwood and tapped in with two gold spikes and two silver spikes
  77. Where did the Union Pacific line start?
    Omaha, Nebraska
  78. Where di dthe Central Pacific line start?
    San Francisco, California
  79. How long did it now take to cross the United States by rail?
    5 days
  80. How long did it take to cross the United States by stagecoach before the rails were complete?
    1 month
  81. Why did we change the way we kept time?
    The Railroads needed everybody to be on a schedule where the times were not so different
  82. How did we use to set our clocks before time zones?
    by looking at the sun at the hightest point in the sky and making that noon
  83. How many time zones were there?
  84. Who's idea was it to have time zones?
    Sir Sandford Fleming
  85. How much do you move ahead in each time zone?
    exactly one hour
  86. Why did the world start seeming smaller?
    Because the world was getting more modern. People could travel faster. People could buy more products from other countries easier.
  87. Who invented electrical lights?
    Thomas Edison
  88. How long did the first light bulbs last?
    Only a few hours
  89. How many times designs did Edison make before he was able to get one that worked?
    three thousand
  90. What did Edison do on his wedding day?
    Went to his lab
  91. What is a filament?
    a strand that could be made to glow with electrical energy
  92. What were some of things that Edison made filaments out of?
    different kinds of wood from all  over the world
  93. After inventing the light bulb what did Edison and his lab helpers have to develop?
    All of the wires cables, generators, light sockets to make the light bulbs work
  94. Who was the storekeeper in Philadelphia who decided to put electric lights in his store?
    John Wanamaker
  95. What did people think of the new electric lights?
    they were afraid they would blow up like little bombs and wouldn't go into the Philadelphia store at first
  96. What human invention conquered the challenge of time?
    time zones
  97. What human invention conquered space?
    the railroad
  98. What human invention conquered the dark?
    Electric lights
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