U.S. History Chapter 12

  1. What was the Second Great Awakening? When did it occur?
    Occured in the 1830's, and it was a religious resurgance. Churches were important. Revivals/camp meetings were popular. This brought about a Temperance Movement and a Moral Reform Movement.
  2. Why was Lyman Beecher important?
    Founded the American Temperance Society
  3. What is the American Temperance Society?
    Society that warned that drinking led to poverty, crime and family violence
  4. What was the name of the American Temperance Society in 1836? What did they demand?
    American Temperance Union; total abstinence by its members
  5. What was the Liberator? Who founded it? What did he also establish?
    Anti-slave newspaper founded by Lloyd Garrison; the New England Anti-Slavery Society
  6. What did the Grimke sisters lecture about?
  7. Who was elected president in 1836? 1840?
    • 1836: Martin van Buren
    • 1840: William Henry Harrison who died 30 days after being elected
  8. What happened in the 1830's, 40's and 50's?
    People began moving west for cheap and plentiful land during this time
  9. When was the term Manifest Destiny established? What did it mean?
    In 1845 this term was used; it meant it was the fate of the U.S. to stretch from ocean to ocean
  10. How many countries claimed Oregan in the beginning? At what time and with whom was it split in the end?
    • - 4 countries owned this state in the beginning
    • - In 1818 it was split by Great Britain and the U.S.
  11. Who won the election in 1844? What treaty was established during his term?
    • Polk won this election
    • He established a Treaty with Britain which gave all claims to Oregon south of the 49th parallel
  12. What happened in 1821? In 1830?
    • Mexico revolts against Spanish rule and wins during this year. Texas is currently Mexico's. Following this expansion of Mexico, Americans started to travel the border and bring slaves.
    • Mexico stopped immigration into Texas from the U.S. in this year.
  13. Who was declared dictator of Mexico in 1833?
    Santa Anna was declared dictator during this year
  14. What happened between February 23-March 6, 1836? Who was famous for this?
    • Battle of the Alamo occured during this time
    • Famous people: William Travis, Jim Buouy, and Davy Crockett
  15. What happened on March 2, 1836?
    Texas is declared independent  from Mexico on this date and was independent for 9 years
  16. Who was Texas's first president?
    Sam Houston
  17. What happened between May 1846 and September 1847? Why? Who won?
    • Mexican War happened during this time
    • Because Texas was admitted as a slave state in 1845, there was a clash of cultures, and there was American Expansion (U.S. wanted California and New Mexico)
    • U.S. had all the advantages and won
  18. What ended the Mexican War? What did it cost?
    • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended this war
    • $15 million for CA and New Mexico
  19. Who were the Mormons? Who founded them? When? Where did they move to?
    • Founded by J. Smith in 1830
    • Famous for their polygamy
    • Travelled from Ohio to Missouri to Illinois to Utah
  20. What happened on January 24, 1848?
    James Marshall found gold in CA on this date
  21. What were the 3 routes to get to CA?
    • 1. Around Cape Horn
    • 2. Across the isthmus of Panama
    • 3. Across land (U.S.) This was the most used route to CA
  22. Who were Evangelical Protestants? Temperance Groups?
    • Evangelical Protestants: wanted to reduce sin and get people to come to church (so-so successful)
    • Temperance Groups: wanted to reduce/stop drinking
  23. What groups were were concerned with perfection?
    • Trancendentalists: believed that people should look within themselves for truth and guidance
    • Utopian: provided alternative communities. (Charles Fourier established the Fourier Phalanxes which espoused communal ownership of property and harmony) (Oneidas believed in "free love")
  24. What was established in 1848? By whom?
    The Seneca Falls Convention (the 1st national women's rights con.) was established by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott on this date
  25. What was established in 1869? By whom?
    The National Women's Suffrage Association (NWSA), which wanted federal reforms for women, was established by Stanton and Susan B. Anthony on this year
  26. What was established in 1869? By whom?
    Lucy Stone established the American  Women's Suffrage Association (AWSA), which wanted state reforms during this year
  27. When did NWSA and AWSA merge? What were they called? Who was the president?
    • In 1890 they merged
    • Known as the National American Women's Suffrage Association
    • President: Susan B. Anthony
  28. What did Frederick Douglas believe?
    That the Abolitionist Movement needed to be more vocal
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