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  1. Entire
    Butun, Tum

    He had spent his entire life in China as a doctor.
  2. Except
    Haric, Disinda tutmak

    The log cabin stayed empty, except when we came.

    Ida would not speak to him except to answer questions.
  3. Fierce
    Hiddetli, Hararetli, Kizgin

    A fierce animal or person is very aggressive or angry.

    They look like the teeth of some fierce animal.

    fiercely :

    `I don't know,' she said fiercely.
  4. in spite of
    -e ragmen

    In spite of his age, he still leads an active life.
  5. Indeed
    Hakikaten, Gercekten de

    He did indeed keep important documents inside his hat.
  6. Coast
    The coast is an area of land that is next to the sea.

    Campsites are usually situated along the coast, close to beaches.
  7. Recommend

    `You're a good worker, boy,' he told him. `I'll recommend you for a promotion.'

    The recommended daily dose is 12 to 24 grams.
  8. Avoid
    Kacinmak, Sakinmak

    He was always careful to avoid embarrassment.

    The pilots had to take emergency action to avoid a disaster.
  9. Expression
    The expression of ideas or feelings is the showing of them through words, actions, or artistic activities

    From Cairo came expressions of regret at the attack.

    • ...the rights of the individual to freedom of expression.
    • 2. Your expression is the way that your face looks at a particular moment. It shows what you are thinking or feeling.

    Levin sat there, an expression of sadness on his face
  10. Ignore
    Aldirmamak, Ihmal etmek

    She said her husband ignored her.

    The government had ignored his views on the subject
  11. Predict
    Tahmin etmek

    It's hard to predict how a jury will react.

    `The war will continue another two or three years,' he predicted
  12. Assume
    Farzetmek, Addetmek, Sanmak

    If the package is wrapped well, we assume the contents are also wonderful.
  13. Ruin
    Harabe, Bozmak

    My wife was ruining her health through worry

    One dead child was found in the ruins almost two hours after the explosion.
  14. Conduct
    Yurutmek, Yonetmek, Idare etmek.

    • He said they were conducting a campaign against democrats across the country
  15. Pretend
    -mis gibi davranmak

    I pretend that things are really okay when they're not.
  16. Admire
    Hayranlik duymak

    I admired her when I first met her and I still think she's marvellous
  17. Awful
    Berbat, Cok kotu

    I couldn't stand London! Bloody awful place
  18. Instantly
    Hemen, Aninda


    Her voice is instantly recognizable.

    The driver of the car was killed instantly.
  19. Enforce
    Zorla yaptirmak

    The measures are being enforced by Interior Ministry troops

    David is now living in Beirut again after an enforced absence
  20. Mysterious

    The whole thing seems very mysterious.

    He began to feel sympathy for this slightly mysterious man.
  21. Despite of
    - e ragmen

    The National Health Service has visibly deteriorated, despite increased spending.
  22. Particularly
    Ozellikle, Bilhassa


    Keep your office space looking good, particularly your desk.

    More local employment will be created, particularly in service industries.
  23. Tremendous
    Muazzam, Cok buyuk


    I felt a tremendous pressure on my chest
  24. Pain
    Aci, Agri

    The illness began with a nagging pain
  25. Pursuit
    Arayis, Takip, Kovalama

    ...a police officer who drove a patrol car at more than 120mph in pursuit of a motor cycle.
  26. Recognize

    He did not think she could recognize his car in the snow.
  27. Curse
    Sovmek, Beddua etmek

    He shot her an angry look and a curse.
  28. Assure
    Garanti etmek, Inandirmak.

    Are you sure the raft is safe?' she asked anxiously. `Couldn't be safer,' Max assured her confidently.
  29. Spirited

    She had talked spiritedly about her adventures
  30. Contrast
    Celiski, Fark

    the contrast between town and country.

    The boy's room is a complete contrast to the guest room.
  31. Confession

    ...Tatyana's confession of love.
  32. March
  33. Sake

    If you do something for the sake of something, you do it for that purpose or in order to achieve that result. You can also say that you do it for something's sake

    I trust you to do a good job for Stan's sake.
  34. Sway
    Aklini celmek

    ...last minute efforts by the main political parties to sway the voters in tomorrow's local elections
  35. Confusion

    There's still confusion about the number of casualties
  36. Quarrel
  37. Concern
    Ilgilendirmek, endise

    There is no cause for concern
  38. Astonisment

    What?' Meg asked in astonishment.
  39. Issue
    Mesele, Sorun

    The course is about public issues.
  40. Curiosity

    To satisfy our own curiosity we traveled to Baltimore
  41. Faint
    Bayginlik, belli belirsiz

    He could see faint lines in her face
  42. Obstinate

    She was a wicked and obstinate child

  43. Suspicious

    Two officers on patrol became suspicious of two men in a car.
  44. Relief

    The news will come as a great relief to the French authorities
  45. Due
    Sebebiyle, gereken kadar

    The country's economic problems are largely due to the weakness of the recovery.
  46. Reveal
    Ifsa etmek

    She has refused to reveal the whereabouts of her daughter
  47. Possession
    Mal, mulkiyet

    • People had lost their homes and all their possessions
  48. Disgust

    A look of disgust came over his face
  49. Suggest

    I suggest you ask him some specific questions about his past
  50. Pursuit
    Arayis, Kovalamaca

    Pursuit of happines
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