1. Mexico's official name is
    United States of Mexico
  2. Mexico once owned
    California, New Mexico, Arizonia, Colorado, Texas, Nevada, Utah
  3. Mexico is made up of 
  4. Image Upload 1
    Cholula- largest pyramid in the world
  5. When were humans first in Mexico
    14000 years ago
  6. Where does the name "Mexico" come from?
    Hernan Cortes' estate name in Spain
  7. When did corn get big enough to eat the cob/kernals
    3500 years ago
  8. What is the name of the first civilization in Mesoamerica
  9. Belief of Olmecs
    • Ball players were leaders,
    • Caiman/crocodile as earth monster,
    • Mouth of a earth monster = a cave
    • Jade and green = beginnning of time
  10. What happened 3500 years ago
    Villages and pyramids appear
  11. What happened around 850 AD
    Highland Maya collapsed
  12. The first civilization in Mesoamerica
    occurred in Veracruz, had cities, had pyramids
  13. Toltecs
    • The Aztecs were mercenaries for them,
    • They were Quetzalcoatl worshipers,
    • They traveled all the way into SW US,
    • Their capital was Tula
    • They were NOT descendants of Monte Alban
  14. Image Upload 2
    The cave and the person sitting in the cave. Combination symbolizes someone driving rights and powers from the underworld.
  15. The native peoples of Guatemala
    Are called Maya
  16. Image Upload 3
    These are Olmec City States
  17. Jaguar fighters fight for...
    Blood, the offering to the rain god
  18. Most of Mesoamerica is
  19. Image Upload 4
    The mountains, the terraces, pyramids, caves
  20. Image Upload 5
    Tenochtitlan, Aztec capital, Mexico City today, Basin of Mexico
  21. Image Upload 6
    • The answer is Venus (5 pointed star)
    • Tlaloc- god of rain so not represent,
    • Jaguars represent Quetzalcoatl,
    • Blood
  22. True or false. The Quetzalcoatl cult ends at collapse of Monte Alban and Teotihuacan.
    • False, it is present at tula, Chocucalo,...
    • Earliest Quetzalcoatl is teotihuacan not Olmec
  23. Image Upload 7
    Teotihuacan, because Aztec comes along the coast and stays at the coast with the one whole for sacrifices.
  24. Image Upload 8
    A dog showed Quetzalcoatl the corn
  25. The 5th sun story
    • A crippled god became the sun,
    • A dog was torn apart to become the earth,
    • Quetzalcoatl had 3 other siblings and was a child of the "Grandparents",
    • Quetzalcoatl and his brother alternated making and destroying the first 4 suns,
    • The gods sacrificed themselves at Teotihuacan
  26. Which is older? Chilies, corn, or villages
    Chilies are 9,000 years ago
  27. Image Upload 9
    They migrated into central Mexico from the Yucatan
  28. Which is older? Kingship, Chichen Itza, Mayan Empire
    • Kingship- oldest,
    • May empire- classic period,
    • Chichen Itza- post classic
  29. Which is older? Tula, El Mirador, Teotihuacan, Tenochtitlan, Tikal
    El Mirador
  30. Which is older? Caiman earth monster, Queztalcoatl
    Caimen earth monster
  31. Which is older? long count, 260-day calender
    260-day calender
  32. Pyramids were
    • They are hotels for deities and spirits, 
    • They are sustenance mountains,
    • They begin by 3000 years ago,
    • The oldest ones are in along the Gulf of Mexico
  33. Fertility, Earth , and Rain are associated with
    Jaguars and blood
  34. Image Upload 10
    Quetzalcoatl emerges form a temple in Tula, the correct answer would be Teotihuacan
  35. Teotihuacan...
    • Was multi-ethnic,
    • Was prepared before building began,
    • Was important 0AD to 650AD,
    • Was NOT the first city state
  36. The largest pyramid in the world is found at
    Cholula, 2nd largest is Teotihuacan
  37. Elements of Teotihuacan that the Aztecs incorporated
    • Speech scrolls and feet image for travel,
    • The eagle and the snake on a cactus,
    • Visiting the oracle at Teotihuacan,
    • Teotihuacan as the birthplace of their gods
  38. Image Upload 11
    Monte Alban's pyramid has a church on top of it. The correct location is Cholula
  39. Image Upload 12
    Teotihuacan was the first city state
  40. Image Upload 13
    Preclassic Maya
  41. Image Upload 14
    All of the above= beginning of 5th world, Q emerging from underworld, Q is Tlaloc
  42. Image Upload 15
    Mayan, you can see the glyphs and that it is very serious
  43. Quetzalcoatl is depicted as
    A jaguar
  44. Which city state never was abandoned? Cholula, Teotihuacan, Monte Alban, El Mirador, Tikal
    Cholula, is still the ritual capital of Mexico
  45. According to the Aztecs
    We are living in the 5th Sun
  46. Image Upload 16
    Long count
  47. Image Upload 17
    Tribute by town to the Aztec
  48. Image Upload 18
  49. Image Upload 19
    • Aztec
    • Cartoonish,
    • Tortillas are central Mexico, Spanish introduced to central Mexico. Maya did make tortillas,
    • Married women hair-do,
    • Speech scroll Aztec,
    • Use of written Spanish would be Aztec
  50. Image Upload 20
    Rights to rule from underworld. Located in Tikal
  51. Image Upload 21
    Tlaloc, he is blue
  52. Image Upload 22
    Templo Mayor
  53. Image Upload 23
    Where the heart of Copil landed in a swamp
  54. Image Upload 24
    Aztecs via Teotihuacan
  55. Image Upload 25
    The chichimecs leave their Northen home
  56. Image Upload 26
    Totonacs drying vanilla beans
  57. Image Upload 27
    900 AD, by Toltecs in Tula
  58. Image Upload 28
  59. Image Upload 29
    Totonac rite of the Voladores
  60. Characteristics of first civilization
    • Markets, 
    • Monumental architecture,
    • Army,
    • Writing,
    • Numerical system,
    • Social stratification,
    • Centralized leadership,
    • Cities
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