Intro to Crime Scene Tech

  1. What is testimonial evidence?
    Evidence given in the form of a statement made under oath
  2. What is direct evidence?
    • Evidence that supports a conclusion of fact without interference
    • Ex. Surveillance or audio tapes
  3. What is circumstantial evidence?
    • Evidence that requires interference to connect it to a conclusion of fact
    • Ex. Fibers
  4. What is fruit of the poison tree?
    Any information derived from illegally seized physical evidence is inadmissible in court
  5. ASCLD
    The American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors
  6. Objection sustained
    means you can not answer the question
  7. Objection overruled
    means that you can answer the question
  8. IAI
    International Association for Identification
  9. What does forensic mean
    The legal aspect of
  10. What is the primary duty of the first officer at the scene
    Preserve the crime scene
  11. Crime scenes should be _____ bigger than what you need
  12. GPS
    Global positioning  system
  13. Legal and medical data is always written using _______ measurements
  14. What is touch DNA
    DNA evidence made up of very small quantities of DNA
  15. What are the four kinds of crime scene search
    • Strip or line search
    • Grid search
    • Spiral search
    • Quadrant or zone search
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Intro to Crime Scene Tech
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