mapping today

  1. Cosmopolitan
    • a taxon that is widely distributed throughout the world
    • species with large geographic ranges
    • found on most continents
  2. Pantropical
    taxon occurs in the tropical regions on all the major continents
  3. Circumpolar
    taxon occurring on every continent in mid-high latitudes

    • circumboreal - northern hemisphere
    • circumaustral - southern hemisphere
  4. Disjunct
    a taxon that has two (or more) ranges that are geographically isolated
  5. Relict
    a taxon that was once widespread but now is restricted to only a few areas

    • Why?
    • evolutionary relict
    • climatic relict (glacial relict)
  6. Biogeographical realms
    areas of similar plants (flora) or animals (fauna)
  7. Kinds of plants/animals on each continent influenced by:
    • history of origin (when & where)
    • breakup of continents
    • climate changes
  8. Nearctic
    North America & Greenland
  9. Palaearctic
    Eurasia & northern Africa
  10. Neotropical
    Central and South America
  11. Afrotropical
  12. Indo-melay
    Indian subcontinent, SE Asia, & islands south
  13. Australian
    Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea & islands north
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