Changes to Ecosystems (iii) Effects of Increased Energy Production

  1. Why has global energy production increased drastically over the last century?
    As the world's population has increased
  2. What are fossil fuels?  Give three examples
    • Fossil fuels are fuels that are made from the remains of dead plants and animals subjected to heat and pressure over millions of years
    • Coal, oil and natural gas are all examples of fossil fuels
  3. What is the word to describe fossil fuels running out?  What are alternative sources of energy?
    • Finite
    • Alternative sources of energy are solar power, wind power, tidal power, wave power, hydro-electric power, nuclear power,  and biofuels
  4. Name the three gases that play a role in the formation of acid rain
    Nitrous oxide, sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide
  5. What is the greenhouse effect?
    The greenhouse effect is when greenhouse gases absorb the solar energy from the sun as heat, making the earth warmer.
  6. Why is the greenhouse effect being enhanced?
    It is being enhanced because humans are producing more greenhouse gases and polluting the atmosphere
  7. Name the gases causing the enhancement
    Carbon dioxides, CFC's, Methane
  8. Where are these gases coming from?
    • Carbon dioxide - burning of fossil fuels
    • CFC's - aerosols and fridges
    • Methane - agriculture
  9. What are the implications of the greenhouse effect?
    When too much heat is absorbed by greenhouse gases global warming may occur.  Global warming may cause climate change (eg changes in temperature, rainfall levels, sea levels) which could affec the distribution of many different species
  10. What is coral bleaching?
    • Coral is made of polyps - tiny animals (like sea anemones).  They form a symbiotic relationship with algae eg zooxanthllae.
    • Coral polyps provide CO2 and nitrous compounds such as ammonia to the algae.  Algae provide sugar from photosynthesis to the coral.
    • When the temperature of the sea goes up the sea becomes more acidic.  This affects this relationship (algae form toxic metabolites) and the algae are expelled from the coral.  The coral polyps then die.  This just levaes the coral's skeleton - which is white - this is the "bleached coral"
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