Origin and Insertion of Muscles

  1. Deltoid
    • O:  Clavicle, acromion process and spine of scapula
    • I: Deltoid tuberosity
    • Action: Abduct shoulder
  2. Supraspinatus
    • O: Supraspinous fossa 
    • I: Superior part of greater tubercle
    • Action: Abduct shoulder
  3. Infraspinatus
    • O: Infraspinatous fossa
    • I: Middle part of greater tubercle
    • Action: Laterally rotate shoulder
  4. Subscaularis
    • O: Subscapular fossa
    • I: Lesser tubercle 
    • Action: medially rotate shoulder
  5. Teres Minor
    • O: Lateral border of scapula
    • I: Inferior part of greater tubercle
    • Action: Laterally rotate shoulder
  6. Teres Major
    • O: Inferior angle of scapula
    • I: Distal to lesser tubercle
    • Action: Medially rotate shoulder, adduct, extend shoulder
  7. Triceps Brachii
    • O: Long head-infraglenoid tubercle
    • Lateral head-lateral and posterior surface of humerus superior to radial groove
    • Medial head-posterior surface of humerus inferior ro radial groove
    • I: Olecranon Fossa
    • Action: Extend elbow
  8. Coracobrachialis
    • O: Coracoid process
    • I: Medial surface of humerus
    • Action:  Flex, adduct shoulder
  9. Biceps Brachii
    • O: Long head-supraglenoid tubercle
    • Short head-coracoid process
    • I: Radial tuberosity
    • Action: Flex elbow, supinate radius
  10. Brachialis
    • O: Anterior surface of humerus
    • I: Ulnar tuberosity and coronoid process of ulna
    • Action: Flex elbow
  11. Rectus Femoris
    • O: Anterior inferior iliac spine
    • I: Tibial tuberosity
    • Action: Flex hip, extend knee
  12. Vastus Lateralis
    • O: Greater trochanter and linea aspera
    • I: Tibial tuberosity
    • Action: Extend knee
  13. Vastus Medialis
    • O: Linea aspera
    • I: Tibial tuberosity
    • Action: Extend knee
  14. Vastus Intermedius
    • O: Anterior and lateral surfaces of shaft of femur
    • I: Tibial tuberosity
    • Action: Extend knee
  15. Adductor Longus
    • O: Anterior body of pubis
    • I: Linea aspera
    • Action: Adduct hip
  16. Adductor Brevis
    • O: Inferior pubic ramus
    • I: Linea aspera
    • Action: Adduct hip
  17. Adductor Magnus
    • O: Inferior pubic ramus, ischial ramus, ischial tuberosity
    • I: Linea aspera
    • Action: Adduct, flex hip
  18. Biceps Femoris
    • O: Long head-ischial tuberosity
    • Short head-linea aspera
    • I: Lateral condyle of tibia and head of fibula
    • Action: Extend hip, flex knee
  19. Semitendinosus
    • O: Ischial tuberosity
    • I: Medial surface of tibia
    • Action: Extend hip, flex knee
  20. Semimembranosus
    • O: Ischial tuberosity
    • I: Medial condyle of tibia
    • Action: Extend hip, flex knee
  21. Gastrocnemius 
    • O: Posterior side of medial and lateral condyles of femur
    • I: Calcaneus
    • Action: Flex knee, plantar flex ankle
  22. Soleus
    • O: Posterior fibula, soleal line
    • I: Calcaneus
    • Action: Plantar flex ankle
  23. Tibialis Anterior
    • O: Lateral condyle and lateral surface of tibia
    • I: First metatarsal and first cuneiform
    • Action: Dorsiflex, invert ankle
  24. Frontalis Action
    Elevate eyebrows
  25. Temporalis action
    Elevate, retract mandible
  26. Masseter action
    Elevate, protract mandible
  27. Buccinator action
    compress cheeks, assist in mastication (keeps food between teeth)
  28. Obicularis oculi
    Close eyes (squint, blink)
  29. Obicularis oris
    Close, protrude lips
  30. Sternocleidomastoid action
    Flex, rotate neck, elevate sternum
  31. Trapezius action
    Elevate, adduct, stabilize scapula, extend neck
  32. Levator scapulae action
    Elevate scapula
  33. Rhomboid major
    retract, adduct scapula
  34. Rhomboid minor action
    Retract, adduct scapula
  35. Latissimus dorsi action
    Extend, adduct, medially rotate shoulder
  36. Pectoralis major action
    Flex, adduct, medially rotate shoulder
  37. Pectoralis minor action
    Depress scapula
  38. Serratus anterior action
    abduct, protract scapula
  39. Brachioradialis action
    flex elbow, supinate, pronate radius (return to relaxed position)
  40. Palmaris longus
    flex wrist
  41. Flexor carpi radialis action
    Flex, abduct wrist
  42. Flexor carpi ulnaris action
    Flex, adduct wrist
  43. Extensor digitorum action
    Extend fingers
  44. Extensor carpi radialis longus action
    Extend, abduct wrist
  45. Extensor carpi radialis brevis action
    extend, abduct wrist
  46. Extensor carpi ulnaris action
    extend abduct wrist
  47. Diaphragm action
  48. External intercostals action
    elevate ribs during inhalation
  49. Internal intercostals action
    Depress ribs during active exhalation
  50. Rectus abdominis action
    flex vertebral column, compress abdomen
  51. External obliques action
    Flex, laterally flex and rotate vertebral column
  52. Internal obliques action
    laterally flex and rotate vertebral column; compress abdomen
  53. Transverse abdominis action
    compress abdomen
  54. Psoas major action
    flex vertebral colum, flex hip
  55. Sartorius action
    flex, laterally rotate hip, flex knee
  56. Gracilis action
    flex, adduct hip, flex knee
  57. Pectineus action
    flex, adduct hip
  58. Gluteus maximus action
    Extend, laterally rotate hip
  59. Gluteus medius action
    abduct hip
  60. Plantaris action
    Plantar flex ankle
  61. Popliteus action
    medially rotate tibia (unlock knee)
  62. Peroneus (fibularis) longus action
    plantar flex and evert ankle
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