SS Manifest destiny test

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    Mexican Cession

    Got it from the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and was important because of Manifest destiny
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    Gadsdsen purchase

    Purchased for 10 million and was important because it completed the railroad
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    Texas annexation

    annexed by US and was important to avoid conflicts with england and mexico
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    Oregon country

    got from a treaaty with england and was important for manifest destiny
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    • Louisiana Purchase
    • purchased for 15 million was important for the port of new orleans and doubled the country's size
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    • Original US
    • got from the revolutionary war/ treaty of paris because they wanted independence
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    • OREGON trail
    • led settlers to OREGON
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    Santa fe trail

    Led settlers to SANTA FE new mexico
  9. Florida
  10. ceded for 5 million completes alantic seaboard
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