MOL 212 midterm

  1. what is tetralogy?
    4 plays; 3 tragedies and 1 comedy
  2. What is trilogy?
    3 plays somewhat related
  3. what is a panathenaea?
    • august festival/celebration at the end of summer
    • carried a statue of athena in a parade like manner with every warrior, soldier, priest, athlete etc
    • larger and more political celebration
  4. what is pollution?
    • stail placed upon people wh commit acts of hubris
    • nobody looks or speaks to that person for fear of becoming tainted themselves
  5. What is miasma?
    ancient greek spelling of stain
  6. what is hubris?
    breaking bearrier between gods and men
  7. what is Meden Agan?
    literal translation; recognizing your place (social standing)
  8. What is the Delphic Oracle?
    Apollo's oracle; ask the gods a question; future telling; priestess "pythia" guards oracle; Apollow beats the big snake Pytho -where the name for the priestess comes from; responses usually in hexamete verse;

    • in Oedipus the King (by Sophocles), Oedipus goes to the oracle and asks who is my mother and father (parents)?
    • response: you will kill your father and marry your mother.
  9. What is choral lyric?
    • the prepubesent boys who dance; starts with strophe (turn) to antistrophe (turn back) and ends with epode (stand still)
    • performed at the parode (second part of the play after the prologue)
    • "song ode along the side"
  10. What is prologue?
    • first then parode then episode
    • sets up the story
    • audience is usually familiar with the story
  11. what is episode?
    • 3 to 5 sets
    • the stasimon (reaction of the chorus to actions/words of actors)
    • interaction between character and chorus
  12. what is parados?
    • (eisodos)
    • route along the side
  13. what is tragedy?
    • "goat song"
    • song for which the prize is a goat
  14. what is an exode?
    song sung by chorus upon exit
  15. what is a Hamartia?
    to miss the mark; intellectual mistake
  16. What is a peripeteia?
    • plot reversal; related to tragic dialectic + anagnorisis
    • in antigone - this would be when Creon changes his mind on burying the body
  17. what is an anagnorisis?
    moment of claity for the audience
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