MAI 105 test 2

  1. allied health fields
    occupational disciplines, the delivery of healthcare or related services assist physicians with the diagnosis treatment in many different specialty areas
  2. benefits
    serivces or payments provided under a health paln or some other agreement including pensions, retirement planning offered to employees of a company or organization
  3. certification
    the attesting of somthing as being true as represented or as meeting a standard, the result of having being tested a third party awarded a certificate based on proven knowledge
  4. continuing education
    credits for courses , classes or seminars related to an individual's profession that are designed to promote education required for licenisin
  5. cross-training
    training in more than one area so that a multitude of duties may be performed by one person or so that substitutions of personnel may be made in an emergency or at other necessary times
  6. externship
    a training program that is part of the medical assisting course of study in an educational institution actual business setting of that field of study
  7. intangibles
    qualitites that cannot be perceived by touch , or cannot be precisely identified or realized by the mind
  8. invasive
    involving entr into the living body as by incision or insertion of an instrument
  9. perks
    extra advantages or benefits of working in a specific job that may or may not be commonplace in that particular profession, a shortened form of perquisites
  10. phlebotomy
    a procedure used to obtain a blood specimen for testing , experimentation or diagnosis of disease
  11. profit sharing
    offer of a part of a compay's profits to employees or other designated individuals or groups
  12. stock options
    offers of stock for purchase to a certain group
  13. versatile
    embracing a varitey of subjects , fields , or skills; having a wide range of abilities
  14. CMA examination fee
    • $125
    • nonmembers is $250
  15. RMA exmination fee is
  16. AAMA stands for
    american association of medical assistants
  17. CAAHEP stands for
    commission on accreditation of allied health education program
  18. ABHES stands for
    accrediting bureau of health education schools
  19. testing dates
    apply for a 90 day window at a prometric tesing and asessment centers through out the united states
  20. characteristics
    distinguishing traits , qualitites or properties
  21. commensurate
    corresponding in size amount, extent or degree , equal in measure
  22. competent
    having adequate or requistite capabilitites
  23. connotation
    an implication, somthing suggested by a word or thing
  24. credibility
    the quality or power of inspiring belief
  25. demeanor
    behavior toward others , outward manner
  26. detrimental
    obviously harmful or damaging
  27. discretion
    the quality of being discrete, having showing good judgment or conduct especially in speech
  28. initiative
    energy or aptitude to cause or facilitate the start of something or to cause something to happen
  29. insubordination
    disobedience to authority
  30. morale
    the menatl and emotional condition, enthusiasm, loyalty or confidence of an individual or group
  31. optimistic
    inclined to put the most favorable construction on actions and events or to anticipate the best possible outcome
  32. persona
    an individuals social facade or front that reflects the role in life the individual is playing the personality a person projects in public
  33. professionalism
    the conduct or qualities characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession, exhibiting a courteous , conscientious and businesslike manner in the workplace
  34. reproach
    an expression of rebuke or dissapproval , a cause or occasion of blame , discredit or disgrace
  35. tolerance
    the need to use more and more of a substance to get the same feeling as the body learns to tolerate the drug
  36. work ethics
    a set of values based on the moral virtues or hard work and diligence
  37. alcohol abuse
    • craving
    • loss of control
    • physical dependence
    • tolerance
  38. characteristics of professionalism
    • loyalty
    • dependability
    • courtesy
    • initiative
    • flexibility
    • credibility
    • confidentiality
    • attitude
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