PPE- Chapter 6

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  1. feeling of isolation and helplessness resulting from inadequate parenting in infancy
    basic anxiety
  2. feeling of anger by the young child toward the parents which must be repressed
    basic hostility
  3. interpersonal orientation emphasizing dependency
    (attempting to solve neurotic conflict by seeking love)
    moving toward (self-effiacing solution)
  4. interpersonal orientation emphasizing hostility

    (attempting to solve neurotic conflict by seeking mastery)
    moving against (expansive solution)
  5. interpersonal orientation emphasizing separatness from others

    (attempting to solve neurotic conflict by seeking freedom)
    moving away (resignation solution)
  6. some people turn to others for love and protection lacking in their life. this is refered to as
    compliant types
  7. emphasize mastery of tasks and power over others, which seems to offer protection from the vulnerability of being helpless.
    aggressive types
  8. some people try to do without other people, having given up on solving the problem of basic anxiety through love or power
    detached personality types
  9. an image of what a person wishes to be
    idealized self
  10. the vital, unique center of the self, which has growth potential
    real self
  11. what a person really is at a given time, seen objectively
    actual self
  12. inner demands to live up to the idealized self
    tyranny of the shoulds
  13. defence mech in which conflicts are projected outside
  14. a person is unaware of bx inconsistent w. the idealized sel-f image
    blind spots
  15. incompatible bx are not simultaneously recognized
  16. a person explains bx in socially acceptable ways
  17.  2ndary adjustment technique in which emotions are avoided
    excessive self-control
  18. a person ridgly declares that his or her own view is correct
    arbitrary rightness
  19. a person avoids commitment to any opinion or action
  20. the moral values of society are rejected
  21. men's envy of women's reproductive capactiy
    womb envy
  22. values predominant in many Western cultures of individual goals and achievement
  23. values, predominant in some cultures, of social cooperation and group goals
  24. approach that emphasizes the interpersonal relationships
    relational approach
  25. unhealthy self- focus that impairs the ability to have healthy, empathetic relationships with other people
  26. bonds of affection in which an infant turns to the mother for comfort and security
  27. hostile attahcment style
    low dependency, high anger
  28. resistant-ambivalent attachment style
    high dependency, highanger
  29. dependent attachment style
    high dependency, low anger
  30. avoidant attachment style
    low dependency, low anger
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