Death after Peter the Great and Catherine II

  1. who was Alexi
    the only son of Peter the Great
  2. Why did Alexi flee russia
    he disliked his father and refused to pledge allegiance
  3. what led to alexi's death
    he tried to overthrow peter and was jailed
  4. explain the domestic issues after peters death
    fighting within the family since no clear successor was named
  5. List the brief rulers of Russia after peters death
    Catherin II (1725-27), Peter II (1727-30), Anne (1730-40), Ivan VI (1740-41), Elizabeth (1741-62), Peter III (1762)
  6. List the 5 conflicts for russia between 1733-63
    • 1. Allied with Austria vs France (1733-35)
    • 2. Allied with Austria vs Turkey (1736-39)
    • 3. vs Sweden (1741-43)
    • 4. War of Austrian Succession (1746-48)
    • 5. 7 Years war (1756-63)
  7. What was catherine II educational background
    extenisve education in liberal arts
  8. describe catherines personal life
    1744 she is sent to marry peter III in russia, she had trouble gaining power because of Ivan and princess Tarakoanova
  9. how did catherin become tsarina
    justifying her ascension after the death of peter III based off catherin I ascension
  10.  who or what influenced catherine II
    the age of reason 
  11. what were the Nakas
    Enlightenment principles based on law. They sad no to torture and punishment
  12. what was the Legislative Commission
    Catherine refused to seperate her power so she created them to deal with regional problems. They were to adress local and reginal issues and provide advice on what actions to take. 
  13. What issues were presented to the Legislative Commission
    always taxes autonomy and taxes
  14. who was emelian pugachev
    a ilitary veteran who became a cossack
  15. pugachev's rebellion was spread to which groups
    serfs, workers, miners, minorities, conservatives, and angry people
  16. how was pugachevs rebellion sucessful
    how fast is spread and the support it gained
  17. what territory was pugachev able to gain
    the area between Volga and the Ural Mountains
  18. what was the ultimate problem of the rebellion
    the disorganization
  19. how did catherin restructure local government
    regions were given weak power to appease the masses
  20. how did catherine handle foreign affairs
    like the old russian tsars, with war
  21. list two major events resulting from war catherine engaged in
    • 1.ended the conflict with turkey
    • 2. russian expansion
  22. why did russia engage in the russo-turkish wars
    to maintain areas along the black sea
  23. what treaty ended the russo-turkish war
    treaty of Jassy, gave russia the ccrimean peninsula and black sea
  24. Who ruled over poland
    Stanislaw Poniatowsky, he was catherines ex-lover and she placed him in power
  25. describe the problems catherine had with poland
    a group of nobles made a confederation for an anti-russian insurrection. it took 4 years to put down. with polands weakness russia, prussia and austria divided the state among themselves. 
  26. describe the first partition of poland
    poland loses 1/3 of land. russia gains belorussia and lithuania
  27. describe the second partition of poland
    1793 poland attempts to reorganize, leading to russia seizing parts of Ukraine and more of lithuania
  28. what was the final partition
    gaining more of teh same territories of the second partition
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