psychology test 1

  1. Definition of psychology 
    The APA definition of psychology is the study of the mind and behavior; all aspects of the human experience -- from the functions of the brain to the actions of nations, from child development to care for the aged, all aspects of the understanding of behavior.
  2. Wundt and Titchner
    structuralism and introspection: Structuralism is the idea of creating elements in your life to abide by, introspection or deep thinking is what will allow this idea to be implemented.
  3. William James
    Functionalism --  how a mental process operates: This is a major departure from the study of the structure of a mental process, the difference between stopping a train to tear it apart to study its parts (structuralism), and looking at how the systems interact while it is running (functionalism)
  4. Approaches to Psychology
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