NU 100

  1. In early civilization who established the first military hospital?
  2. During the Colonial Americal Period, The Hospital of the Immaculate was the first hospital in this country?
    North America
  3. Through the efforts of                                         Pennsylvania Hospital was the first hospital in the Unites States in         
    • Benjamin Franklin
    • 1751
  4. Who established the first school of nursing for African-American women at the Atlanta Baptist Seminary, now known as Spelman College?
    John D. Rockefeller
  5. Who was appointed to organize military hospitals, provide trained nurses, and disperse supplies; she recieved no offical status and no salary for this position?
    Dorothea Dix
  6. Who was a public health nurse know for starting public health?
    Lillian Wald
  7. Who founded the American Red Cross in 1882?
    Clara Barton
  8. Who established the Frontier Nursing Service (FNC) in 1925 in rural Kentucky to assist disadvantaged women and children; documented the impact of nursing services on improving the health of communities; well known for midwifery services?
    Mary Breckenridge
  9. What did the Social Security Act of 1935 affect?
    Health care and it provided avenues for public health nursing.
  10. List 5 purposes of the Social Security Act?
    • *National age-old insurance system
    • *Federal grants to states for maternal and child welfare services.
    • *Vocational rehabilitation services for the handicaped
    • *A Federal State unemployment system
    • *Medical care for crippled children and blind people to strengthen public health services
  11. By               , all states had adopted the State Board Test Pool.
  12. Nurse Training Act of                 was the first instance of federal funding to support nurse training.
  13. The Nurse Reinvestment Act signed into bill Auguse 2002 to provide funds for what?
    Nursing education, recruitment, and retention.
  14. What were some of Florence Nightingale's accomplishment's?
    • *Demonstrated the value of aseptic techniques and infection control procedures
    • *Established the first nursing school in England
  15. Who developed a viable practice for public health nursing located in the Lower East Side of New York City?
    Lillian Wald
  16. Who opened a lodging house with her own money to care for sick and wounded soldiers?
    Mary Seacole
  17. During the 1980's-1900's artistic portrayals of nursing focused on what?
  18. What is the Vietnam War Women's Memorial?
    The centeral figure is the nurse in battle fatigues cradling the head of a soldier for whom she is providing care. Evident in the bronze statue is the fatigue of the nurse and her care for this dying soldier.
  19. List Nightingale's Theory of Practice.
    • *Ventilation and Warming
    • *Noise
    • *Diet
    • *Light
    • *Chattering Hopes and Advice
    • *Cleanliness (Health of Houses)
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