sonnys blues

  1. author?
    James Baldwin
  2. what happens to sonny in the beginning?
    he is arreste for selling/ using heroin
  3. where did sonny grow up?
    harlem, he faced hardships
  4. where is james baldwin from?
  5. baldwins parents?
    • mom- worked as a domestic servant
    • father- abandoned him
  6. who had a strong influence on james?
    his stepfather, David Baldwin who was a preacher
  7. what complicated his role in the church?
    his sexuality
  8. what did baldwin do when he became frustrated with life in america?
    left and went to paris where he met several well known authors
  9. sonnys blue was originally published in?
    the partisan review
  10. Sonnys blues is?
    a constant struggle between light and darkness, failure and redemption
  11. Isabel?
    narrators wife
  12. Creole?
    leader of sonny's band
  13. Grace?
    narrator's daughter who dies at a young age
  14. sonny's dream?
    to become a jazz pianist
  15. Greenwich village?
    where sonny spent a lot of his time with other musicians
  16. significance of the the narrator seeing sonny play music?
    he watches all his brothers struggles pour out as he plays and that is when he realizes who sonny is and what he is made of
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