short stories and authors

  1. Raymond Carver wrote
  2. Cathedral?
    about a man and his wife who has a blind friend.
  3. How does the wife in Cathedral help the blind man?
    She reads to him and after she moves they send each other voice messages through the mail to stay close.
  4. Man's reaction to the blind man in cathedral?
    • He is jealous of the blindman because they talk so much.
    • Really he just does not know much about blind people
  5. when did the narrators (husband) attitude begin to change about the blind man in cathedral?
    When he started to think abou the blindmans relationship with his wife, beulah, and all the things that he misses out on
  6. Importance of drawing the cathedral?
    the narrator got a chance to see more into the blindmans world, while the blindman could experience a part of the narrators world
  7. Grace Paley wrote?
    A Conversation with My Father
  8. a conversation with my father?
    about a daughter and her father who have different points of views on how a story should be told
  9. what does the father think of his daughter's stories?
    he wants her to write a story that is simple, but she says that writing such a simple story takes away all the hope
  10. what does the daughter believe about stories?
    everyone real or invented deserves the open destiney of life
  11. what is the daughter's story about?
    it is about a women and her teenage son who is addicted to drugs. The women starts to do drugs with her son
  12. What is the narrators (daughters) second version of the story like?
    She adds more detail about what is going on in the womens and boys life. She also adds a sense of humor to it, thinking her father would enjoy it better.
  13. Why does the father reject his daughters story?
    Because it has a sad ending, he says it is a tragedy
  14. why does the father object to the jokes in the story?
    he believes that such jokes should not be included with in a serious story especially when dealing with possible death
  15. Deeper meaning of A conversation with my father?
    • The father sees that all life's endings are tragic.
    • His conversation with his daughter is really about him coming to terms with his own death, while the daughter refuses to acknowledge that this is the real issue.
  16. Sherman Alexie wrote?
    Flight patterns
  17. prejudice
    assuming something about another without knowledge
  18. racism
    knowing its wrong, but still believing it
  19. What is flight patterns about?
    There is a native american man who lives in the US. He has a normal, american lifestyle and he travels for work. He always feels discrimanated against while traveling for work because of his appearance
  20. how does william from flight patterns represent an American?
    • he knows all the great american icons
    • has a job
    • family
    • lives a decent low key life
  21. how does william not represent the typical american look?
    he has long dark hair and braids it every morning to keep his culture
  22. What does sherman alexie believe about the reality behind a good story?
    • he does not always believe what people say
    • he questions a good sounding statement because you cant fully be sure if the person is telling the truth
  23. What is fekadu's story about?
    Fekadu is an oxford educated former fighter pilot who defected from ethiopia when he could no longer tolerate bombing his own people on the governments behalf
  24. Why does is not matter to william if fekadu's story is true or false?
    because he now knows that someone else was facing the same type of discrimination as him, except william still had the opportunity to see his family
  25. Connection between a conversation with my father and flight patterns?
    Both characters are jolted into seeing the parallels with their own lives and they emerge from the experience with a renewed sense of sympathy for and connection to other people
  26. John Cheever wrote?
    The Country Husband
  27. summary of the country husband?
    Francis weed was in a life threatening situation, plane crash, but surives. when he gets home, nobody in his family cares and ignores him.
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