Dative Case

  1. The nouns in dative case...
    ...never use a preposition in latin.
  2. Translate the nouns in dative case using...
    ...english prepositions for/to
  3. Dative case expresses the Ideas of giving, telling, showing, appearing ect.
  4. Dative is what kind of case?
    An indirect object case.
  5. mandare
    to trust
  6. credere
    to believe
  7. confidere
    to trust
  8. permittere
    to permit
  9. monstrare
    to show
  10. ostendere
    to show
  11. dicere
    to say
  12. narrare
    to tell
  13. explicare
    to explain
  14. respondere
    to respond
  15. nuntiare
    to report
  16.  dare
    to give
  17. tradere
    to hand over
  18. donare
    to present/grant/bestow
  19. nocere
    to harm/hurt
  20. favere
    to favor
  21. parere
    to obey
  22. placere
    to please
  23. studere
    to study
  24. ignoscere
    to pardon
  25. occurrere
    to meet
  26. apropinquare
    to approach
  27. apparere
    to appear
  28. necesse est
    it is necessary (for....)
  29. licet
    it is allowed (for..)
  30. placet
    it pleases/it is pleasing (for..)
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