Articles of Confederation- 2

  1. What was the solution for strong central gov vs strong states?
    • A federal republic:
    • is formed in which gov powers ar shared between the central gov and state gov
  2. What was the solution for large state vs small states?
    • The Great Compromise:
    • Legislative branch was made up of 2 houses (bicameral)
    • Representation was equal amoung the states in the senate,
    • Representation was based on population in the House of Representatives
  3. What was the solution for north vs south?
    • 3/5 Compromise: 
    • Slaves counted for 3/5 of a person when determining a state's representation in congress and taxes
  4. (3/5 Compromise) Why did Southern states no want to grant central gov the power to regulate foreign trade?
    For fear that it would outlaw the slave trade
  5. What was the solution for 3/5 Compromise?
    • Commerce Compromise:
    • Southern states agreed to federal power to regulate foreign trade as long as it promised not to interfere with the slave trade for at least 20 years
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Articles of Confederation- 2
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