vocab 2

  1. fac,fic,fect
    to make, to do
  2. facsimile
    a copy an imitation

    that edition of theĀ U.S constitution was a poor facsimile that looked like it was made on a cheap copier.
  3. Petrify
    To scare, to frighten

    The vampire movie petrified everyone in the theater so much that they were afraid to leave their seats.
  4. Affection
    a feeling of love or liking; tender feeling

    Because Mary had a great deal of affection for Frank, she bought him a lovely farewell gift.
  5. Suffice
    to be enough

    Betty didn't need any more friends; she felt that the ones she had would suffice.
  6. FUNCT
    to work, to perform
  7. Defunct
    no longer working, no longer active

    The phone number I tried didn’t work because the business was defunct.
  8. Malfunction
    something that goes wrong; problem

    Theresa was the only one who discovered the malfunction that made the computer stop.
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