GCSE Physics

  1. A caharged insulator can be discharged by 
    • Connecting it to the earth with a conductor . Charge then flows though the conductor . The rate of flow of electrical charge is called the current 
    • If the object is - charged the extra electrons are repelled to earth leaving the object neutral 
    • If the object is + charged the extra electrons atap attracted from earth leaving the object neutral 
  2. The earth is such a large object that this transfer of electrons doesn't 
    Affect its charge 
  3. Electrical charges can move easily move through some substances such as 
  4. Th diagram shows the location of charged atoms inside an insulated metal object when a - charged rod is brought near to it . The conduction electrons in the object moved from the left hand side of the object to the right hand side when the - charged rod was brought near the object 
    A) why did the charges rod cause the conduction electrons to move to the other end 
    B) why did the transfer of conduction electrons in the object make the one end positive and the other end negative 
    C) in terms of electron transfer , explain why the insulated object would become - overall if the rod touched the object
    • A) because like charges repell 
    • B) the positive end is because tare protons are left behind the - end is where all the electrons end up from repelling 
    • C) the - electrons from the rod will transfer onto the + side of the object
  5. If a build of charge become high enough a
    Spark may jump through an insulator like air , across a gap between the object and any earthed conductor . This may take the form of a spark
  6. Fast moving object cans build up large charges due to the ...... Of ..... ... . When a tanker lorry is refuelling a plane or racing car , they are always connected together by a ... ..... . A plane can build up a huge charge when flying through clouds . When it lands it may try to ...... By creating a ..... Which would jump between the plane and earth . The spark could ..... Any .... .... . To prevent this a ... Strip is first connected from the plane , down to the ground allowing the ..... Charge to .... Safely before the fuel tankers are  allowed to approach
    • Friction 
    • Air resistance 
    • Copper wire
    • Discharge 
    • Spark 
    • Ignite 
    • Fuel vapour 
    • Metal 
    • Electrostatic 
    • Discharge
  7. An electric charge can sometimes build up on a car when it is 
    Moving . When the cars stops a person stepping out of the car may feel a shock as the charge discharges through his/her hand as the door is closed 
  8. A peroson who has walked on a nylon carpet may build up a charge 
    And may receive a shock when touching any metal object which is earthed . Modern carpets may be made conducting to prevent this 
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