Science - Experiments Vocabulary

  1. Problem
    What you're trying to figure out in your experiment.
  2. Hypothesis
    An if - then statement that predicts what will happen in your experiment.
  3. Independent Variable
    What you change in the experiment.
  4. Dependent Variable
    What changes as a result of the Independent Variable.
  5. Materials
    The items / ingredients that you will need.
  6. Procedure
    Step by step instructions about what you do and how you do it.
  7. Conclusion
    Summing up your experiment.
  8. Control
    The group that is not affected in your experiment.
  9. Repeated Trials
    The number of trials done to get an accurate result.
  10. Constants
    The thing that stays the same throughout the experiment.
  11. Experiment
    Testing a problem to get results.
  12. Research
    The process of finding information to assist you in your experiment.
  13. Observations
    Things you notice with your 5 senses.
  14. Qualitative Observations
    Observations made with words
  15. Quantative Observation
    Observations made with numbers
  16. Inference
    A conclusion reach with basic information and logic
  17. Data Table
    A format in which data is recorded.
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Science - Experiments Vocabulary
Science - Experiments Vocabulary