Islamic Art (part 2)

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    • Mosque of Selim II (Selimiye Cami)
    • Era: Islamic, 1568-1575
    • Location: Edirne, Turkey
    • Techniques:
    • earhtly squareness of the gathering place of the faithful under the canopy of eternity
    • dome and minarets resemble a cnaopy
    • can see mihrab from anywhere inside, very open interior
    • massive dome set off by pencil shaped minarets more than 200 ft tall
    • numerous annexes
    • libraries school, bath houses, soup kitchen, hospital, cemeteries
    • utilitariean buildings built around it and axially aligned with it
    • landscape linked with architecture in planting of shrubs
    • preceded by a rectangular court almost equal to the building itself
    • allows more window illumination - creates glowing lightoctagon with dome covered square
    • 8 massive dome supports
    • fluidity of gemoetric volumes that unifies the open space
    • climax of Ottoman architecture
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    • Great Mosque at Isfahan
    • Era: Islamic, 11th-17th century
    • Location: Iran
    • Techniques:
    • 2 storied arcade on either side around courtyard
    • four iwans opening onto courtyard
    • squinched arches on side
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    • Winter Prayer Hall of the Shahi (Imam) Mosque
    • Era: Islamic, 1611-1638
    • Location: Isfahan, Iran
    • Techniques:
    • slightly curved cureda secca tiles - cover walls, arhces, and squinch-like vaults
    • organic design
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    • Carpet from the Tomb-Mausoleum of Shah Tahmasp
    • Era: Islamic, 1540
    • Location: Ardabil, Iraq
    • Techniques:
    • found in a funerary mosque
    • carpet weaving elevated to national industry
    • weavers wove their name into the design of the carpet
    • 25 million knots, 340 knotts to every square inch
    • central sunburst medallion inside a dome surrounded by 16 pendants
    • 2 mosque lamps suspended from pendants on the long axisfunerary lamps of different sizes - optical device to make them appear equal in side when looking at it from one end
    • blue background covered in leaves and flowers with delicate stems
    • illusion for a heavenly dome
    • reflection of ceiling on water
    • flowers are lotuses sitting on surface
    • no humans
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    • Laila and Majnun at School
    • Era: Islamic, 1524-1525
    • Location: Manuscript of Khamsa of Nizami
    • Techniques:
    • ink, colors, and gold on paper
    • illustrating Nizami's romantic poems
    • school is inside a mosque
    • earnest aspects of life
    • teacher seated on rug wearing turban
    • rod in hand as he is listening to a youth read
    • students are supposed to be studying
    • seated on knees and heels with one knee raised
    • desks for books are x shaped
    • no recession into space
    • figures stacked on top in rows
    • in center are Lila and Majnun
    • lively scene and setting
    • figuration is a simple outline
    • sharp colored shapes
    • two-dimensional space
    • parallel lines - perspective is off
    • weaving and patterns
    • organic design
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Islamic Art (part 2)
Islamic Art (part 2)