Chapter 2-3

  1. Buckling
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  2. Creep
    The permanent elongation of a component under a static load maintained for a period of time
  3. Deformation Rate
    rate at which the tension test is being carried out (m/s)
  4. Ductility
    the extent of plastic deformation that the material undergoes before it fractures
  5. Fatigue failure
    Cracks that grow with every stress cycle and that propagate through the material until a critical crack length is reached. (Cyclic loading)
  6. Hardness
    Resistance to permanent indentation
  7. Residual Stress
    When workpieces are subject to plastic deformation that is not uniform throughout the part
  8. Strain Rate
    • function of the specimen's length
    • reported in s-1
  9. Strain Rate Sensitivity
    tensile strength over strain rate
  10. Toughness
    The area under the true stress-true strain curve up to fracture, or in other words, the amount of energy per unit volume that the material dissipates prior to fracture. 
  11. Ultimate Tensile Strength
    The maximum engineering stress, after which point necking occurs. 
  12. Yield Stress
    permanent deformation occurs when yield stress is reached. (0.2% offset)
  13. Thermal Conductivity
    the rate at which heat flows within and through a material
  14. Passivation
    When a material has the ability to form a protective layer on their surface, which, when scratched, a new oxide will form.
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