Chapter 1

  1. Anisotropic
    the properties in the vertical direction are different from those in the horizontal direction
  2. Body Centered Cubic (BCC)
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  3. Cold Work
    Refers to plastic deformation that is usually carried out at room temperature. When deformation occurs below the recrystallization temperature. 
  4. Dislocations
    Linear, one-dimentional defects
  5. Elastic Deformation
    Material returns to its original shape when the force is removed
  6. Plastic Deformation
    The material does not return to its original shape when the force is removed. Permanent deformation.
  7. Face Centered Cubic
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  8. Grain Boundaries
    Surfaces that separate individual grains
  9. Grain Size
    Large grain size is associated with low strength, low hardness, and low ductility. 
  10. Hexagonal Close Packed
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  11. Homologous Temperature
    The ratio T/Twhere T is the working temperature and Tm is the melting point
  12. Hot working
    Plastic deformation that occurs above the recrystallization temperature
  13. Recovery
    Occurs at a certain temperature range below the recrystallization temperature of the metal, where the stresses in the highly deformed regions of the metal piece are being relieved.
  14. Recrystallization
    • New strain-free grains nucleate and grow to replace those deformed by internal stresses
    • Decreased strength and hardness
    • Increased Ductility
  15. Slip System
    The combination of a slip plane and its direction of slip
  16. Strain Hardening
    Increased shear stress required to overcome entanglements and impediments that results in an increase in the overall strength and hardness of the metal
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