Wordly Wise Book 7 lesson 1

  1. Asperity (n)
    • 1. Sharpness or harshness in manner
    • Ex.
    • There was asperity in the teacher's voice as she scolded the students for being too loud at lunch.
    • 2. Roughness of surface; unevenness
    • Ex.
    • Running my fingers over the countertop, I detected a certain asperity in the material.
  2. Bane (n)
    • A person or thing that destroys or causes harm
    • Ex.
    • His little brother was the bane of my birthday party.
  3. Buffoon (n)
    • A person who often makes attempts to be funny; a clown; a fool
    • Ex.
    • The buffoon made a show of himself when he tried to use the chandeliers as monkey bars.
  4. Doleful (adj)
    • Mournful or full of sorrow; causing grief
    • Ex.
    • The doleful eyes of my friend told me that he's lost the basketball game in the finals.
  5. Extrovert (n)
    • A person whose attention is so focused on others and what's going on around him or her, rather than his or her own feelings
    • Ex.
    • The extrovert was confounded when asked what his feelings were after his house burned down.
  6. Garish(adj)
    • Excessively bright and flashy; tastelessly glaring
    • Ex.
    • I told him that his tie was too garish to go to the ¬†interview.
  7. Hierarchy (n)
    • A group or system in which positions or power are ranked, usually from lowest to highest.
    • Ex.
    • In the school hierarchy, the principal is supposed to be at the top.
  8. Imbue (v)
    • To fill up completely with an idea; to inspire
    • Ex.
    • Teachers imbue the minds of children with facts and numbers that we are supposed to remember.
  9. Instigate (v)
    • To stir up; to provoke
    • Ex.
    • To instigate a tiger by prodding him in the backside with a branch is not the ¬†brightest idea.
  10. Penchant (n)
    • A strong attraction or leaning
    • Ex.
    • Neodynium magnets have a strong penchant towards others of their kind, so be careful to not have your hands inbetween two of them.
  11. Rambunctious (adj)
    • Behaving in a wild and unruly manner
    • Ex.
    • The rambunctious kids earned a withering glare from their parents.
  12. Repertoire (n)
    • The list of pieces an actor, musician, etc. is ready to perform; the skills or accomplishments of a person or group
    • Ex.
    • The band knew most of the requests, but several songs weren't part of its repretoire.
  13. Rudiment (n) (usually plural)
    • 1. A basic principle or skill
    • Ex.
    • This book teaches you the rudiments of cooking, but it won't make you a master chef.
    • 2. An underdeveloped or beginning stage.
    • Ex.
    • The rudiments of the plan were promising until we dicussed it more and realized the unrealisticness of it.
  14. Undermine (v)
    • 1. To weaken or ruin by degrees
    • Ex.
    • Smoking seriously undermines one's health.
    • 2. To attack by indirect, secret, or underhanded means
    • Ex.
    • During the war, the French in hiding sought to undermine the Nazi occupation.
  15. Unremitting (adj)
    • Not stopping or slowing down; constant
    • Ex.
    • The unremitting radiation from the radium Marie Curie experimented with still resides in her cookbooks to this day.
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