1. What does the umbilical cord's function
    for removal of CO2 in exchange for O2 and nutrients
  2. What is the function of the anus?
    Elimination of feces/wastes
  3. function for tongue with papillae
  4. function of epiglottis
    prevents food from entering the trachea
  5. Larynx
    produces sound, voice box
  6. function of the esophagus
    food passage
  7. function of the trachea
    air passage "windpope"
  8. Function of the thymus
    t-cells fight infection
  9. function of the thyroid
    regulates metabolic rate
  10. function of the diaphragm
    separates the thoracic and abdominal cavities
  11. function of the lungs
  12. function of the heart
    pumps blood
  13. function of the liver
    produce bile/ blood proteins
  14. ballbladder
    stores and releases bile
  15. function of the stomach
    stores food
  16. function of the small intestine
    absorbs digestive products
  17. function of the large intstines
    absorbs water and prepares feces for elimination
  18. function of the pancreas
    secretes insulin
  19. function of the peritoneum
    lines the abdominal cavity
  20. List parts of the large intestine
    • cecum
    • coiled colon
    • ascending colon
    • descending colon
  21. Function of the urinary bladder
    stores urine
  22. Function of the ureter
    Transports urine from the kidneys to the bladder
  23. Function of the kidney
    Regulates blood pressure and excretes urea and ammonium from urine
  24. function of the urethra
    transports urine from the urinary bladder to the outside of the body's. In males it also transports sperm
  25. function of the testis
    produces sperm
  26. function of the vas deferens
    conducts and stores sperm
  27. function of the penis
    for copulation in males
  28. function of the vas deferens
    conducts and stores sperm
  29. function of the ovary
    produce eggs
  30. function of the uterus
    houses fetus
  31. function of the vagina
    birth canal and receives penis for copulation
  32. function of the ductus arteriosus
    only found in the fetus. connects the aorta and the pulmonary trunk
  33. Function of the aorta
    All parts of the body and is the largest artery. Off the left ventricle.
  34. function of the subclavian artery
    supplies blood to the upper limbs
  35. Function of the carotid artery
    supplies blood tot he head and neck
  36. Function of the jugular vein
    carries blood from the head to the heart
  37. Function of the superiror vena cava and inferior vena cava
    from the body to the heart
  38. Renal artery
    takes blood to the kidneys
  39. renal vein
    takes blood from the kidneys to the inferior vena cava
  40. Function on the lliac artery
    supplies blood to hind limbs
  41. Function of the the lliac vein
    drains the pelvic organs into the inferior vena cava
  42. Function of the umbilical artery
    supplies blood from the placenta to the fetus
  43. Function of the umbilical vein
    drains from the fetus to the placenta
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