1. Hypoxemia
    Abnormal low concetration of o2 in the blood
  2. hypercapnea
    to much carbon dioxide CO2 in the blood (co2 is a gaseous product of the body metabolism and is normally expelled thru the lungs) .
  3. Bonchodilators /adrenergic stimulants
    Beta 2 stimulants
    causes relaxtion of smooth muscle and bronchodilation in small airways of the lungs -bronchioles

    AE: Can affect cardiac system , tachycardia
  4. adrenergic stimulants Beta 2 stimulants

    Short acting beta agonist , aka rescuse inhalers
    Albuterol (proventil, ventolin)

    Metaproternol, (Alupent )
  5. Long acting beta 2 agonist aka maintanance or daily use
    Formoterol (performist)

    Salmeterol (Servent)

    Arformoterol tartrate (Brovana)
  6. Alicholingeric bronchodilators (relaxation of the large airways -bronchi)
    Ipratropium (atrovent) -short acting

    Tiotropium (spirivia) longer acting (Increase stroke potential)

    • Greater for cardiac hx pt B?C is gentler on the heart
    • but still has potent bronchodilation and smooth muscle relaxation
  7. Inhaled steriods
    They are not fast acting meds so you must take them on a dialy basis in order to obtain the full benefit - they help treat inflammation

    Make sure pt Swish and spit to prevent fungal infections

    Buedesonide (pulmicort)

    Fluticasone (Flovent)

    Triamcinolone (azmacort)
  8. combination inhalers

    Steriod and long acting beta agonist bronchodilator
    Maintanance use

    Symbicort , Advair
  9. 2 bronchodilators and anticholingerigic
    Less sides effects and more dilation effects

  10. Bronchodilators (common use in ashma tx)
    Used for bronchospasm and constriction

    Methylxanthines - direct relaxtion of bronchi and pulm vessals

    Aminophyline, theophyline

    AE: cause tachycardia
  11. Bronchodilators (common use in ashma tx)
    mucolytic - mucomyst, guaifensin

    Reduction of viscocity of mucus in acute and chronic bronchopulmonary dieseases

    Standard AE
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