Amer Gov Key terms Political beliefs pub opin, votin

  1. Political culture
    A se of widely shared political  beliefs and values. America's political culture is characterized by stron support for individual liberty, political equality, legal equality, the rule of law, and limited governmetn. 
  2. Political Socialization
    The process by which political values are formed and passed from one generation to the next. The familiy is the most important agent of political socialization. 
  3. Public opinion
    Attitudes about institutions, leaders, politial issues, and events.
  4. Political ideology
    A cohesive set of beliefs about politics, public pollic, and the role of government.
  5. Political Efficacy
    The belief that one's political participation makes a difference
  6. Split-ticket voting
    Voting for candidates of different parties for differen offices in the same election. Recent elections have witnessed a significant increase in split-ticket voting as the number of voters who identify themselves as independents increases. 
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Amer Gov Key terms Political beliefs pub opin, votin
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