302: Ch. 16

  1. Aphthous ulcers
    • "canker sores"
    • Small, painful, round ulcers in the oral mucosa of unknown cause
  2. Buccal
    pertaining to the cheek
  3. Candidiasis
    (moniliasis) white, cheesy, curdlike patch on buccal mucosa due to superficial fungal infection
  4. Caries
    decay in the teeth
  5. Cheilitis
    red, scaling, shallow, painful fissures at corners of mouth
  6. Choanal atresia
    closure of nasal cavity due to congenital septum between nasal cavity and pharynx
  7. crypts
    indentations on surface of tonsils
  8. Epistaxis
    nosebleed, usually from anterior septum
  9. Epulis
    nontender, fibrous nodule of the gum
  10. Fordyce granules
    small, isolated, white or yellow papules on oral mucosa
  11. Gingivitis
    red, swollen gum margins that bleed easily
  12. Herpes simplex
    • "cold sores"
    • clear vesicles with red base that evolve into pustules, usualy at lip-skin junction
  13. Koplik spots
    • small, blue-white spots with red halo over oral mucosa
    • early sign of measles
  14. Leukoplaskia
    • chalky white, thick, raised patch on sides of toungue
    • precancerous
  15. malocclusion
    upper or lower dental arches out of alignment
  16. papillae
    rough, bumpy elevations on dorsal surface of tongue
  17. parotid glands
    pair of salivary glands in the cheeks in front of the ears
  18. pharyngitis
    inflammation of the throat
  19. Plaque
    soft, whitish debris on teeth
  20. Polyp
    smooth, pale gray nodules in the nasal cavity due to chronic allergic rhinitis
  21. Rhinitis
    red swollen inflammation of nasal mucosa
  22. Thrush
    oral candidiasis in the newborn
  23. Turbinate
    one of 3 bony projections into the nasal cavity
  24. Uvula
    free projection hanging down from the middle of the soft palate
  25. Bridge
    Leading edge, superior part of nose
  26. Tip
    free corner, end of the nose
  27. Nares
    Oval openings at the base of the triangle of the nose
  28. vestibules
    • ear naris widens into a vestible
    • hole in the nose
  29. columella
    divides the two nares and continues inside the nose
  30. Ala
    lateral outside wing of the nose on either side
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