History p.2 Test 1

  1. What was the difference between the california gold rush and the idaho gold rush?
    more technology/ efficient hydraulic methods of extraction
  2. which american university was one of the first to offer engineering cirricula
    massachusetts institue of technology and cornell university
  3. who was thomas edison
    developed the phonograph in 1877 and electric light in 1879 

    also in essay
  4. what was the bessemer process
    injected air into molten iron to yeild steel
  5. why was the us geological survey created
    to compile/centralize data describing the natural landscape
  6. what areas saw growth in the timber industry 
  7. what was horizontal integration
    a number of companies producing the same product merge to reduce competition/ control prices
  8. what was vertical integration
    single firm controls all aspects of production and distribution
  9. the new immigrants of the 1880s predominately came from what area
    italians, russians, and poles
  10. in whcih city was the first metal skyscraper built
  11. what was the impact of streetcars on city life
    permitted cities to spread out weathly moved out of city, but could still commute to the city
  12. who is montgomery ward
    in chicago, pioneered the mail-order catalog was the official supply house for the famer's grange
  13. what is meant by the bloody shirt
    used by republicans to remind voters that many democrats especially in the south had supported secession a generation before
  14. what is meant by laisses-faire
    invokd to justify gov't indifference in some areas but gov't intervention in others
  15. who coined the phrase the gilded age
    mark twain, charles dudley warner
  16. who assassinated president garfield
    charles j. guiteau who didn't get the position of u.s. consul in paris
  17. what was the pendleton act
    established a merit system for federal job applicants and created the civil service commision
  18. who were mugwumps
    group of reform minded republicans
  19. what event occurred in rock springs wyomnig
    white workers masacred 28 chinese and drove hundreds out of town in wake of an announcement that immigrats would be hired @ a lower rate
  20. ling sing v. washburn
    supreme court ruled that chineses could not be singled out for special taxes
  21. yick woo v. hopkins
    overturned state decision , held that the sun fran laundry licensing board had engaged in the disorimitory application of law
  22. what was meant by the new south
    they were forward looking, prepaired to embrace industrilization and promote the reconciliation of blacks and white
  23. who was henry grady
    atlanta journalist who spoke about the new south
  24. who was james duke
    pioneered the production of machine made cigarettes
  25. what is the term jim crow referred to 
    set of laws akin to 20th century south african's system of strict segration of groups labeled according to heritage or skin color
  26. who were the buffalo soliders
    black soliders in the west
  27. what was the ghost dance
    part religion part resistance movement created by wovoka, that promised a time free of disease/armed conflict, buffalo's would return and dead indians would come to life
  28. who was sitting bull
    a spirtitual leader of the indians. fought against the us army
  29. what happened at wounded knee
    soliders attacked indians @ wounded knee creek 150 to 250 indians killed, the last major violent encounter between plain indians and u.s. calvary forces
  30. which groups made up the populist movement
    urban/ rule male and females, agricultural/ industrial workers
  31. who were the pinkerton detectives
    initially found eager clients among the railroads but then served as industrial spies/ policemen during bitter and violent strikes
  32. who was terrance powderly
    lead the kinghts of labor, made impressive gains in the 1800's as the union took over after stephens. gets the 8 hour work day for gov't workers passed and the foran act
  33. who was henry george
    one of the muckrakers. wrote poverty and progress . he also started the single tax movement ( you shouldn't be able to make money off land you never improved)
  34. who was edwardy bellamy
    author who wrote looking backward, envisioned a cooperative common wealth in 2000 in which poverty and greed would cease to exist
  35. who was francis willard
    encouraged women to live the white life. if you were a man you should join the society of white cross where you should remain celebate until marriage and young boys the knights of the to prepare themselves for celibacy. founded the women's chrisitian temperance movement. against alcohol
  36. what was the social gospel
    cause the splitting of liberals. said the church had a duty to make life better for everybody
  37. what was the haymarket riot
    one reason why the knights don't exist (in the notes)
  38. who was jacob riis
    wrote how the other half lives. talking about how crammed the apartments/living conditions in the city were. the problems they faced no where to live
  39. who was standing bear
    ponca chief who helped galvanize eastern reformers, focused on the wrongs perpetrated by the u.s. government
  40. who was jane adams
    involved in social gospel movement; started the hull house that was a settlement house to help improve the lives of city people
  41. who was samuel gompers
    created the american federation of labor; led for 40 years. believed in bread and butter unionism
  42. who was frederick jackson turner
    historian who thought the process of settling the west had shape all of american history. the rigors of taming the land had transformed colonists into americans
  43. who was gifford pinchot
    chief of the division of forestry in 1898 who thought that a mangaged forest could provide lumber then renew itself
  44. who was john muir
    founded the sierra club thought uninhabited regions should be perserved in their natural state
  45. who was id b. wells
    black newspaper editor said accustations of rape were a pretex for the murder of black men
  46. who was booker t. washington
    lead tuskegee institute; urged black to stay in the southa and try to be self sufficiant
  47. who was w.e.b dubois
    northerner scholar-activist who riducled booker t. washing for his beliefs
  48. who was sigmund freud
    pioneered the study of the human unconscious; wrote the interpertation of dreams
  49. who was william james
    wrote principles of psychology, dicipline of psych. owed alot to him described brain as an organism constantly adjusting
  50. who was stephen crane
    novelist who wrote the red badge of courgage talking about civil war battlefield saying their were battling their own inner demons
  51. who was mary baker eddy
    founded the church of christ scientist; thought you could think yourself into good health; sin could be healed by prayers
  52. who was thorstein veblem
    sociologist who coined the term conspicuous consumption to describe  epensive tastes of the rich
  53. describe the populist platform of 1892
    a graduated income tax; gov't ownership of railroad, telegraph, and telephone compainds and end to land speculation; shorted work hours to 8 hours
  54. who was jacob coxey
    a quarry owner who gathered men marched to washington and protested the failure of the gov't to proved relief now that the conunty was in the midst of the worst depression ever
  55. what was the pretext president cleveland used for intervening in the railroad strike
    he could not stand by while strikers interefered with the delivery of the u.s. mail
  56. who was cady stanton
    used the purity argument; women were morally superior if you let them vote then they would clean up politics. served as the nawsa first president for 2 years
  57. the national association of colored women fought for what
    spoke against lynch mobs and segragationist and worked to improve local communities
  58. what was the purpose of the settlement house
    to bring everyone together to discuss problems of the poor and instill in poor women values of american pride . hlep the poor
  59. who was alfred thayer mahan
    wrote the influence of seas power in history; contended that if the u.s. aspired to be a world power it must control the seas
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