FS Merchandising Exam II

  1. Casket Exteriors
    • Wood finish
    • Cloth-covered finish
    • Metal finish
  2. Infant casket sizes
    from 18" to 5' in length

    size increases in increments of 6 inches

    Materials  same as adult caskets
  3. Adult casket sizes
    • Standard wood
    • 6'3" x 22"

    • Wood "state"
    • 6'6" x 22"

    • Standard Metal
    • 6'6" x 23"

    • Flaring side - Wood
    •      at top - 6'3" x 22"
    •      at bottom - 6'3" x 19 1/2"
  4. Oversize casket sizes
    width increases in 2" increments

    length increases in 3" increments

    • 6'3" X - width increased
    • 6'3"X  - length increased
  5. Cloth covered finish types
    Embossed - cloth  material having a raised design on the surface to raise, release from the surface

    Smoth - material  that has no design and a short knap
  6. Square end/corner
    corners are at right angles
  7. Round end/corner
    corners are in a circular shape
  8. Octagon ends/corners
    has 8 sides and 8 angles but not wedged shaped
  9. Elliptic
    ends are in shape of  a half circle 

    half moon

    semi-lunar shape
  10. Broadcloth
    a twilled, napped, woolen or worsted fabric with a smooth lustrous face and dense texture.

    A fabric usually made of cotton, silk, or rayon woven in a plain or rib weave with a soft semi-gloss finish.
  11. Plush
    a woven cloth with a nap exceeding 1/8th inch in length but less dense than velvet
  12. Doeskin
    A heavy durable cotton fabric with a short (1/8th inch or less), thick velvety nap on one side.

    Woven cloth with a suede-like appearance with nap of less than 1/8th inch which is used as an exterior covering material for caskets.
  13. Canvas
    One of 5 casket coverings
  14. Felt
    made mostly with cotton or polyester
  15. Hermetically sealed

    impervious to external influence

    completely sealed by fusion or soldering
  16. Lining
    material that is visable to the public
  17. Velvet
    a fabric of silk, cotton, and possibly rayon, with a short, dense nap or pile
  18. Nap
    soft or downy surface on a woven fabric
  19. Crepe
    a thin crinkled cloth of silk, rayon, cotton, or wool that is used in casket construction as a lining material
  20. Satin
    a fabric woven to create a smooth lustrous face and dull back

    also used as an exterior and interior material on infant caskets
  21. Twill weave
    a textile weave in which threads are crossed over one another to give an appearance of diagonal lines
  22. Linen weave
    a type of casket lining material that is fabric woven to look like linen
  23. Linen
    a fabric made from flax

    noted for its strength, coolness, and luster
  24. Backing  materials
    Upholstery materials
    found underneath lining material and used to cover the padding material
  25. Fiberboard
    Backing/Upholstery material
  26. Masselin
     a type of casket backing material that is pressed paper in sheet form

    used in casket construction as a backing (upholstery) material
  27. Muslin
    a heavy cotton cloth of plain weave
  28. Plastic
    synthetic or natural organic material that is shaped when it's soft and then hardens
  29. Domet
    light cotton flannel possesing a short nap
  30. Brushed finished
    bare metal is scratched with an abrasive material and then finished until a smooth high gloss is obtained
  31. Plated finish
    the finish created when base metal is coated by another metal via an electrolytic process

    often found on casket hardware

    in casket construction it is identified by the term "deposit," as in "copper deposit"
  32. Polished finish
    a surface made smooth and glossy usually by friction

    brought to a highly developed, finished, or refined state


    spray finish
  33. Crinkled finish
    an exterior casket finish in which the metal is coated with a substance that wrinkles as it dries

    usually used on less expensive caskets

    spray finish
  34. Hammertone finish
    a sprayed finish that has the appearance of small indentation in the metal (as if struck with a ball peen hammer)

    the "indentations" are in the paint and appear as the paint dries

    usually found on inexpensive caskets

    spray finish
  35. Flat finish
    Matte finish
    a finish used on casket exteriors that is free of gloss

    dull lusterless surface

    no shine or gloss

    spray finish
  36. Octagon casket
    a casket having eight angles or corners and therefore has 8 sides or body panels
  37. Padding materials
    not visible to public
  38. Cotton
    the soft, white, downy fibers of the cotton seed
  39. Polyethylene foam
    foam rubber

    polymer of ethylene
  40. Shredded paper
    one of five padding materials
  41. Spun polyester
    one of five padding materials
  42. Wood wool
    wood that has been shredded into spaghetti like string
  43. Square end/corner
    corners are at right angels
  44. Round end/corner
    corners are curved in a circular shape
  45. Octagon end/corner
    has 8 sides and 8 angles but is not wedge shaped
  46. Elliptic end/corner
    ends are in the shape of a half circle

    half moon - semi-lunar shape
  47. Side/Body panel
    composed of the sides and ends of the casket shell
  48. Flaring side square
    a casket shell design in which the sides and ends of the casket body flare out from the bottom to the top

    a casket shell design that is narrower and shorter at the bottom than at the opening of the top
  49. Vertical side square
    a casket bodystyle with the bodysides at a ninety degree angle to the bottom

    called a "State" casket

    least expensive to manufacture
  50. Regular half couch
    a casket with the cap in two pieces, usually the cap or lid has a tranverse cut which bisects the head and foot panels

    the ogee is hinged to the top body molding

    ogee folds at the head end and front side of the head section

    deceased is viewed from waist up
  51. Perfection couch
    this casket when opened, the ogee raises with cap
  52. Perfection half couch
    ogee and cap are hinged to the top body molding both at head end and foot end of the casket

    ogee raises with head and foot panels

    transverse cut does not bisect top, but head section is longer than foot section

    deceased is viewed from head to hips
  53. perfection full couch
    no transverse cut in top; therefore, a full top casket

    usually has an inner panel to cover the decreased from waist to foot
  54. Hinge panel
    hinge cap
    • single hinged panel
    • slip panel (slip top, priest casket)
  55. single hinged panel
    a casket in which the cap is in two pieces, the rim/ogee and foot panel is one piece which is hinged to the top body molding and the head panel being the second piece which is hinged to the rim/ogee
  56. Slip top
    Slip panel
    Priest casket
    casket that displays the deceased from head to foot as the entire cap/lid is removed
  57. Shirred interior
    a style of casket interior in which the material is drawn or gathered in parallel fashion on a machine in a multiple needle head sewing process
  58. Tufted interior
    usually found in expensive caskets

    ultimate style of interior materials

    a style of casket interior created by placing a padded material between a lining material and a backing material, with subsequent stitches taken, forming small raised puffs

    carriage tufting and biscuit tufting are the two most common types used in caskets
  59. Crushed interior
    a form of casket interior style that is created by placing a lining material on a metal form, weights added, the material steamed to set pattern, and then attached to a suitable backing (upholstry) material
  60. tailored interior
    material is tightly drawn to form the casket interior
  61. Combination interior
    one of six different types of interior materials
  62. Specialty head panels
    one of six different types of interior materials
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