BCA 512 Ch.5

  1. The abscence of predetermined sound (dead air) is ________?
    1. Anthema
  2. On air spots that are another type of cmmercial message, usually produced in a shorter time with far smaller budgets than most commercials is called ___________.
    1. touting programs (promos)
  3. What is the promo's ultimate goal?
    1. To make money for the station or network.
  4. True or False.

    Visual and auditory control of every element is essential for effective promotion?
    1. True
  5. What are three vocabularies of managers of promotion?
    • 1. A set of words to spell oyt the proposed function and purposes of specific pieces of promtion that programmers and corporate managers will understand
    • 2. What part of the programs or service needs to be promoted
    • 3. Who the message is for
  6. True or False.

    Designers and managers of promtion need a different language to classify the content of promotional pieces.
    1. True
  7. Why do managers need a set of criteria ?
    1. For determining the likely effectiveness to objectively arrive at their own evaluations of design ideas
  8. What does KISS stand for?
    1. Keep it simple stupid
  9. What does KISS mean?
    1. Valuing straight forwardness over intricacy. Thaat means seeking easy readability over clever lettering
  10. True or False.

    Trade reports estimate that the average person is flooded by some 8.000 commercial messages every day.
    1. True
  11. The top promotional designs often win Medallion Awards from ______________ and _______________.
    • 1. Promax                 
    • 2.  Broadcast Designers association (BDA)
  12. What are the dominant trade associations for people in media promotion?
    • 1. PROMAX
    • 2. Broadcast Designers association (BDA)
  13. True or False.

    At the local level, the key message is topical information?
    1. False
  14. What is the key message that needs to be emphasized at the local level?
    1. The where and when of a program or the where of a channel.
  15. What are the "essential whats" of local television promotion?
    1. Where and when .
  16. True or False?

    Effective topical promotion focuses more on the where and when of programs rather than on the titles of shows.
    1. True
  17. How is nationwide promotion different from local promotion?
    1. Unlike television and radio stations, broadcast and cable networks lack a promotable channel number.
  18. What are three elements promoted by networks?
    • 1. Who
    • 2. What
    • 3. When
  19. VOD?
    1. Video-on-demand service
  20.  What is the key message components of VOD?
    1. What and Where
  21. What are three primary elements of self identification in promos?
    • 1. Logos
    • 2. Wordmarks
    • 3. Signatures
  22. A ______ is the graphic identifer of a network station or company. A two-dimensional design that represents the name of the company in abbreviated form.
    1. Logo
  23. What are the big four televison logos?
    • 1. ABC's circle with lower-case letters
    • 2. The CBS eye
    • 3. The FOX spotlight
    • 4. The NBC peacock
  24. True or False?

    Large full-screen logos usually appear only in the 2-second breaks between television stations.
    1. True
  25. A ____ is a miniature logo, normally appearing in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.
    1. Bug
  26. A ________ is a particular way of writing the station's channel number or company's name.
    1. Wordmark
  27. What is a combined identifier?
    1. A graphic element with the speelled out name of the service or channel
  28. True or False?
    Reinforcement is not a key principle of successful media.
    1. False
  29. True or False?
    The first broadcst logo was used in the 1970s.
    1. True
  30. When was the first educational TV and FM logos used?
    1. 1960s
  31. When was the first modernizd boradcast logo used?
    1. 1980s
  32. When was the first dynamic broadcast logo used?
    1. 1990s
  33. When did stations and networks begin using co-branding logos?
    1. After 2004
  34. A ______________ is an associated set of sound effects or phrase of music.
    1. Soundbed
  35. The elaborated version of the network, station, or services's on-airidentifier is called a ___________.
    1. Signature
  36. ___________ is the attribute of saying or shouing something always in the same way.
    1. Congruence
  37. How many repetitions does it take to affect behavior?
    1. 3
  38. True or false?
    Congruence in look and sound among different promotional materials is essential to reinforce a promotional message.
    1. True
  39. Why should a logo and the indentifier remain the same in design?
    1. So the identifier and the logo communicate the same identity.
  40. A ___________ ___________ is a brief live spot intended to lure viewers to a newscast or talk show.
    1. Promotional tease
  41. A _________ __________ usually shows an anchor anrrating the night's highlighted story in a sentence or two while showing the most attention getting visuals and sound elements of the story.
    1. News  tease
  42. A ________ _________ probably shows the host asking a guest a tricky question, but does not include the response.
    1. talk-show tease
  43. A ___________ is a short preproduced on-ar spot that usually urges viewers to tune in tyo a particular episode of a show.
    1. Promo
  44. True or False?
    The trick to succesful scripts for teases is not to tell what has happened, but to lure viewers to the newscast or talk show to find out what happened.
    1. True
  45. A _________ is a line that gives the where and when the program or newscast can be seen.
    1. Tag
  46. A __________ is a very short message intended to move viewers or listeners into the next segmet or program
    1. Bumper
  47. The ___________ __________ refers to multifaceted scrrens that bombard viewers with boxes, scrolls, divided scrrens, inserted boxes, and moving design elements, resembling the informaton-rich environment of websites.
    1. Cyberspace style
  48. ______________ ____________ are superimposed informational and promotional elements
    1. Overlay graphics
  49. __________ are fixed-appearing portions of the screen that are more like headlines in newspapers.
    1. Banners
  50. ___________ are listings of stock and bond prices that scorll across the bottom of televison or  computer screens.
    1. Tickers
  51. ___________ are text messages that scroll across the bottom of the televsion screen. (Commonly used in sports for statistics and score updates)
    1. Crawls
  52. True or false.
    News crawls are sometimes called headline banners to differentiate them somewhat from the mix of double-crawls and flipping text traditionally used by CNN news.
    1. True
  53. True or False.
    The big Three networks use crawls during their regular nightly newscasts or other regularly-scheduled programs.
    1. False
  54. True or False?
    Crawls do not take on tagging and bumping functions meaning they do not provide an option for promtional information as well as informational headlines.
    1. False Crawls DO take on tagging and bumping functions meaning they DO provide an option for promtional information as well as informational headlines
  55. What are three functions of lower-third overlays?
    1. They provide something for viewers to read when not interested in the current story

    2. They can supplement the visually produced story, giving a more depth or detail.

    3. They substitute for time-consuming promos
  56. ____________ ______________ ___________, a large title bug for the upcoming prgram that dominates the screen's lower left corner during portions of entertainment shows
    1. Automated advance titling
  57. __________ or _________ pop-up messges combine animation and sound effects to capture viewers' attention.
    1. Snipes or Superbugs
  58. True or False?

    Computer-generated and scheduled snipes give the time and name of the upcoming program.
    1. True
  59. What are two components of promos, print ads,
    and websites?

    1. It's Form and content

    2. The artistic design
  60. True or False?
    Generic promos or ads are not tied to any particular episode or any particular airdate.
    1. True
  61. What are two other names for a specific promo?
    1. Episodic    

    2. Tune-in spot
  62. _________ promote just one Tv program.

    1. Singles
  63. ___________ are the primary way much of the
    audience learns the order and times of programs, especially in the fall when
    television network schedules change.

    1. Multiples
  64. What is the goal of multiples and stack ads?
    • 1. To promote the flow of programming to
    • minimize tune-out
  65. True or False? Why?
    The best promotion is product driven.
    1. False, the best promotion is customer driven
  66. A ________ is a direction of force.
    1. Vector
  67. What are three directions that vectors have in
    two-dimensional spaces?
    1. Horizontal

    2. Vertical

    3. Diagonal
  68. What are the three types of vectors?

    1. Graphic vectors

    2. Index vectors (  it points)

    3. Motion vectors
  69. The _________ ________ refers to the tug
    out-of-frame created by placing any item too close to an edge.
    1. Edge effect
  70. What changed the nature of network promotion
    from 30-second promos to 2-second snipes?
    • 1.Increase pace of content
    • 2.The need to occupy less of saleable time
    • 3.Digitalization of television and radio
  71. ___________ __________ is white lettering and
    images on a black background
    1. Reversal printing
  72. What type of audience does on-air media reach?
    1. Current viewers or listeners
  73. What type of audience does external media
    1. New audiences
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