1. Copious
    Abundant; plentiful
  2. Tenacious
    Tough; Stubborn
  3. Surreptitious
    Doing or acting in a secretive manner; sly manner
  4. Voracious
    Eager to consume a large amount of food; Appetite for activity of food
  5. Officious
    Interfering; Intrusive; Eager in offering
  6. Spurious
    Not genuine; False
  7. Onerous
    Troublesome; Oppressive; Burdensome
  8. Gregarious
  9. Pious
    Devout; Honest; Holy
  10. Scrupulous
    Honest; Conscientious
  11. Attrition
    A gradual reduction or weakening; a rubbing away
  12. Edification
    Enlighten; Instruct
  13. Ablution
    A cleansing with water of other liquid, especially as a religios ritual; The liquid used in such an act
  14. Elocution
    The art of public speaking
  15. Writhe
    To cause to twist of bend; To suffer acutely; As in pain or embarrassment
  16. Pedestrian
    Ordinary; Moving on foot
  17. Carrion
    Dead and rotting flesh
  18. Pinion
    Bing the wings so as not to fly; confine
  19. Kismet
  20. Ambivalence
    Indecision; Experiencing contradictory emotions
  21. Deploy
    To arrange strategically
  22. Cavalier
    casual; carefree and nonchalant; arrogant disregard; a gallant gentleman
  23. Egg
    To encourage or incite to action
  24. Mete
    To distribute by or as if by measure; allot
  25. Nullify
    To make useless; cancel; undo
  26. Embroil
    To involve in argument or hostile action; to throw in disorder
  27. Waffle
    To speak or write evasively
  28. Ascribe
    To attribute to a specific cause, source, or origin
  29. Enhance
    To improve; to intensify
  30. Impair
    To cause to diminish, as in strength, value, or quality
  31. Terse
    Brief and to the point; concise
  32. Coerce
    To force someone by threatening or physically overpowering him
  33. Diverse
    Different; varied
  34. Abate
    To reduce
  35. Abide
    To remain; continue; stay; endure
  36. Gambit
    To take risk for some advantage
  37. Jaunt
    a short pleasure trip
  38. Frank
    Straightforward; open and sincere in expression
  39. Lithe
    bending easily and gracefully
  40. Aesthetic
    Having to do with artistic beauty
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