Ap Ameican history

  1. accompanied john smith on his expedition to virginia
    George Percy
  2. Wrote "day of dream"
    Michael wigglesworth
  3. a Dutch theologian who preached Arminianism
    Jacob Arminius
  4. Had a dream to colonize America and it died with this man at sea; his half brother sir walter raleigh took it over
    Humphrey Gilbert
  5. French explored; journeyed hundreds of miles up the St. Lawerence river
    Jaques Cartier
  6. Funded the exspansing into the new world and got Carolina named after him
    Phillip the second
  7. Established Baltimore as a haven for catholics
    Lord Baltimore
  8. Deepest Theological mind in America; ignited the great awakening
    Jonathan Edwards
  9. Last of the Aztec rulers who saw his powerful empire crumble under the force of the Spanish invasion led by Hernan Cortes
  10. The Virgin queen of England was in power when the colonies were established
    Elizabeth the first
  11. Discovered the Mississippi river; brutally mistreated the indians
    Hernando de Soto
  12. Royal governor of Virginia; member of Virginia's seaboard elite
    William Berkeley
  13. New York libel case against John Peter Zenger. Established the principle that truthful statements about public officials could not be prosecuted as libel; found not guilty
    Zenger Trials
  14. Engilsh adventurer who sponsored failed settlements of north carolinas Roanoke Island. Once favored by the queen until he secretly one of her maids of honour. he was executed for treason
    sir walter raleight
  15. A great puritain solder that ruled England for 10 years when King Charles the 1st was beheaded
    Oliver Cromwell
  16. Led an armed march on Philadelphia protesting the Quakers lenient policy towards the Indians
    Paxton Boys
  17. a former indentured servant that became a successful lawyer and defended Zenger in the Zenger Trial
    Andrew Hamilton
  18. Arch bishop of the Puritains
    william laud
  19. Wampanog cheiftain who signed a peace treaty with the Plymouth Bay settlers in 1621 and helped celebrate their 1st thanksgiving
  20. The artist that is responsible for one of the most famous paintings of George Washington
    Charles Wilson Peale
  21. Members of  the church
  22. Whoever paid for a servants passage aquired 50 acres of land. This was known as...
    Headright system
  23. Sent with an expedition down the mississippi river
    Robert de la Salle
  24. Spanish explorer; discovered Florida; killed by an Indian's arrow
    Juan Ponce de Leon
  25. Founded the 1st public library system and the Univ. of Penns.
    Ben Franklin
  26. Uneducated slave; brought to America at age 8 and published a book of poems at age 20
    Phillis Wheatley
  27. Ran Jamestown and covinced settlers to stay in America
    Lord de la War
  28. Ministers who took part in the revivalist, emotive religious tradition by George Whitefield during the great awakening
    New Lights
  29. Took over Virginia in 1608 to keep it from collapsing
    John Smith
  30. Houses created for the poor
  31. Orthodox clergymen who rejected the emotionalism of the great awakening in favor for a more rational spirituality
    old lights
  32. puritain leader that founded the colony of Connecticut
    Thomas Hooker
  33. Spanish explorer, crushed the Inca's in Peru in 1532; made spain rich with silver and gold
    francisco pizarro
  34. 1st governor fo the bay colonies; a lawyer
    john winthrop
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