Chemistry Final

  1. What is the scientific method?
    It is a logical approach to the solution of problems
  2. What are the three steps in the scientific method?
    • Observation
    • Hypothesis
    • Experiment
  3. What is Quantitative?
    • =measurement
    • ~numbers
    • ~mass
    • ~volume
    • ~Temperature
  4. What is Qualitative?
    • =A description
    • ~no measurement
    • ~color
    • ~shape
    • ~size general
  5. What is A theory?
    • An explanation that has been supported by many experiments
    • (can be modified to include new data)
  6. What is observation?
    Gathering info, how things look ,smell ,or taste
  7. What is hypothesis?
    A tentative explanation for what has been observed.
  8. What is experimentation?
    is a test of the hypothesis

    (can be quantatative or qualitative)
  9. What is scientific law?
    describes a relationship in nature, that is supported by many experiments and for which no exception has been found.
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