1. Energy
    Flows in one direction
  2.  Potential energy
    stored energy  Car at top of hill
  3.   Kinetic energy
    energy in motion  Car rolling downhill
  4. Laws of thermodynamics
    •  First Law     
    • Total amount of energy in the universe is constant.  Energy can change form and be transferred.      

    • Second Law      
    • Energy changes from a more useful to a less useful form.  It becomes increasingly more random. 
  5. Exergonic Reactions
    A chemical reaction where energy is released as a byproduct of the reaction.

    AB ---------} A + B + energy

    Exergonic reactions release energy!
  6. Endergonic Reactions
    Chemical reactions that require an input of energy to make the reaction go.                                  

    A  +  B + energy -------------} AB     

    Endergonic reactions need energy!
  7. ATP and reactions
    • The energy released from an exergonic reaction is used to run an endergonic reaction.
    • Exergonic reaction     
    • ATP --------} ADP + P + energy

    • Endergonic reaction   
    • ADP + P + energy--------} ATP
  8. Metabolism
    • A series of chemical reactions making up a pathway.
    • The pathway may be linear, cyclic or a combination.
  9.  Metabolic reactions
    • - Most metabolic reactions have a small energy difference-
    • - This means that most are reversible.     
    • - Direction of reaction depends on concentrations of reactants and products.  

    Reactants are located on the flat end of the arrow and products on the pointy end!!
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