Morality Definitions Chapter 2

  1. the teachings of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount on the meanings and way to true happiness
  2. people who take Beatitudes' message to heart and attempt to live it
    beatitude saints
  3. the activity Jessu performed prior to the last Supper that becomes the model for all Christian service
    foot washing
  4. teachings such as the Beatitudes and the Last Judgement that overturn commonly held values and priorities
    "hard sayings" of Jesus
  5. "the mystery of the wonderful union of the divine and human natures" in Jesus, the Son of God
  6. God's reign or rule-proclaimed by and present in Jesus- in which people serve one another, share their goods with one another, and refuse to retaliate with violence against others
    kingdom of god
  7. attitude of strict observance of laws, regardless of circumstances and possible harm to people involved
  8. an attitude of doing only the least that is required by law in our moral life
  9. pushing ourselves to do more than he minimum in our moral life
    moral muscle
  10. God telling us about Himself and what He wants from us; revelation is accomplished through creation, historical events, scripture and most fully in the person of Jesus.  
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Morality Definitions Chapter 2
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