A&P 2 Lab Exam 1:Hepatic Portal System

  1. Explain the drainage of the abdominal cavity WITHOUT the hepatic portal vein
    • Great Saphenous brings blood up the legs along with the femoral veins.
    • Once inside the body wall, they meet the external and internal iliac with converge to form the common iliac veins.
    • Blood travels up the IVC snagging blood from the gonadals, kidneys, and adrenal glands before it inters the heart.
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  2. Describe the Hepatic Portal System
    • A Venous system that drains all of the digestive organs
    • -stomach, small intestine, large intestine, pancreas
    • and spleen

    takes it to the liver, then to the hepatic veins, and to the heart

    The superior messenteric Vein or Artery either drains or supplies ALL of the SI and 1/4-1/2 of the LI

    The inferior messenteric vein or artery drains or supplies the lower colon (LI)
  3. Describe the Celiac Artery
    First large artery to branch off Abdominal Aorta under the diaphram

    • It supplies:
    • Hepatic (liver)
    • Gastric (Stomach)
    • Splenic (Spleen)
  4. What is the difference between the HPS in cats and in humans?
    • Human HPS:
    • IM--> Splenic-->SM-->Gastric-->HPV

    • Cats HPS:
    • IM-->SM-->Gastrosplenic-->HPV
  5. Describe (with specific locations) The Hepatic portal circulation in humans
    inferior mesenteric-->(splenic vein)-->superior mesenteric-->superior mesenteric (joined by gastric)-->HPV-->Liver-->IVCImage Upload 2
  6. Describe (with locations) The HPS Arteries
    • first major artery after aorta goes thru diaphram is the celiac arterty.
    • it splits into the hepatic, gastric, and splenic arteries.
    • The abdominal Aorta continues downward supplying the adrenal glands and kidneys (renal arteries).
    • It then breaks off into the Superior Mesenteric which supplies the entire Small Intestine.
    • The Inferior Mesenteric comes next and it supplies the lower colon (LI)
    • Blood continues to travel down through the Common iliac artery which splits at the body wall creating the interior and exterior iliac arteries¬†
    • This breaks down into the femoral artery
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  7. In the cat, which blood vessels contain yellow latex?
    Hepatic Veins
  8. Decribe (with locations) the HPS veins in a cat
    • IM-->SM-->HPV-->Liver-->IVC-->Heart
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  9. Describe (with locations) the HPS Arteries in the Cat
    • AA-->Celiac (hepatic and gastroplenic)-->SM-->Adrenal-->Kidneys-->Gonadal-->IM
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