facial pain

  1. Painful tender swelling of the floor of the mouth and upper neck. whats the diagnosis and cause?
    ludwigs angina due to dental infection
  2. Unilateral facial pain triggered by holding the telephone to the left ear in a patient with multiple sclerosis. diagnosis?
    trigeminal neuralgia. its sudden onset severe pain in trigeminal distribution. triggered by touch, more in MS
  3. Painful swelling over the angle of the jaw and ipsilateral facial weakness. diagnosis?
    Parotid adenocarcinoma when facial nerve is involved as malignant mass. generally in parotid swellings, facial nerve not involved
  4. Forehead pain and tenderness that becomes worse on leaning forwards. diagnosis?
    frontal sinusitis
  5. Intermittent tender swelling beneath the jaw. diagnosis?
    salivary duct stone. happens when trigger for saliva when eating a meal.
  6. why do stones occur more in salivary duct that parotid duct?
    • salivary gland secretions are more MUCINOUS.
    • gland lies below opening of duct which impedes drainage and encourages stasis
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